How to use a silicone baking dish
Such innovation, as silicone dishes, causesa genuine interest in many housewives. What is the reason for its popularity, especially since this kind of kitchen utensils appeared only recently? Convenience of use, variety of forms and a number of advantages make it irreplaceable in any kitchen. How to use a silicone baking dish so that it lasts a long time? About this and talk in the article.

Advantages of silicone molds

The most important advantage of silicone dishes forbaking is the uniformity of cooking. The dish does not dry out from the sides, it is baked equally smoothly and turns out to be gentle and airy. Just for the sake of it is worth to learn how to use a silicone dish for baking. In it, the product does not burn, because the dishes have non-stick coating. In addition, it does not require treatment with fat. It is necessary to lubricate it with oil only for the first time. Silicone, unlike other materials, does not react with the external environment. Therefore, baking has no foreign smells and impurities.

How to use silicone forms for baking
This material is resistant to temperature drop,so it can be put directly from the refrigerator into the oven. Such dishes can have different shapes that will make the dish more interesting. This kitchen utensils can easily be called universal. It is suitable for preparing not only desserts and pastries, but also for meat, fish and other products. Before using silicone forms for baking, you must remember that they can not be broken. This is one of the most pleasant moments. This cookware is flexible and easily takes the original form. This is very important for a small kitchen. Well, the last advantage is that it is easy to clean.

How to use a silicone baking dish

With proper care, such utensils canserve for 5 years or more. There are several rules that must be observed. First, do not use metal objects that can damage the molds. As improvised tools, silicone or plastic blades, forks and other items are suitable. Secondly, such dishes should not come in contact with the heating elements. Do not use abrasives to clean the mold. Better take a neutral remedy. Wash it should be in warm water, and then thoroughly dried in a suspended state. When using a dishwasher it is necessary to put this shape on the top grate. Do not allow objects to be mechanically damaged by foreign objects. Before using a silicone baking dish, it should be washed with warm water and greased with oil.

Silicone baking dish how to use
The model of the windmill does not matter. Such dishes are suitable for electric and gas furnaces. The heating temperature should not exceed 230 degrees. The cookware is flexible, therefore, before using a silicone baking dish, it must be placed on a baking tray for convenience. Applying such utensils, it should be remembered that the cooking time is slightly shortened. The instructions for using this form are attached to the microwave ovens. Here is a convenient silicone form for baking. How to use it, you already know, it remains to buy dishes and cook delicious pastries for your people.

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