Waiting for guests and want something deliciousto cook? You can be sure that cheesecake without baking with fruit or chocolate will be an ideal solution! This simple and popular recipe should know every housewife. Curd cake is not only easy to prepare, but also very tasty. A delicate, fragrant top layer of pie is good for any occasion. In addition, cooking without baking is ideal for those housewives who do not have an oven, and sometimes want to bake something sweet.

Cheesecake is a cake, where the mainThe ingredient is a delicate curd or mascarpone cheese. This dessert is prepared in a different combination of products. Quite simple is the classic cheesecake. The recipe without baking this sweet dish contains only crushed cookies and butter, as well as cottage cheese, sugar and gelatin. And you can add crunchy flakes, fruit, chocolate and get a truly magical taste of curd dessert.

Before you start preparing a curd cake withoutbaking, you should read several general rules and recommendations. First, the basis of the bottom layer of the cake is a crushed cookie and a binding ingredient (for example, chocolate, butter, etc.). Secondly, a cheesecake without baking must necessarily contain a hardening curd mass. To do this, the cottage cheese is mixed with gelatin.

Very tasty is cheesecake without baking withcherries and bananas. Delicate, creamy and light curd cake looks beautiful with ruby, bright cherries. The dough is very fragrant thanks to fruits and vanilla sugar with lemon, and almonds and corn flakes will make the bottom layer of the cake crispy, besides they perfectly match with the cheese mass. However, due to the need to cool the time layers for cooking cheesecake, you need a lot. To make a cheesecake without baking, you must melt 150 g of dark chocolate on a steam bath, add a teaspoon of cocoa and mix. Mix 50 g of almond and 80 g of corn flakes. In a mixture of flakes pour 100 g of butter and melted chocolate. All to prevent. On the oiled bottom of the cake mold, lay out the mass and send the next cheesecake without baking in the refrigerator for the night.

Then mix 500 g of tender cottage cheese with 500 g of cheesemascarpone, add 110 g of sugar. Mix 3 bananas with juice half a lemon, add to this mixture the cottage cheese mass. Dissolve 6 spoons of gelatin in a small amount of water, combine with the resulting mixture. Put the mass on the bottom layer of the cake and put it on the refrigerator for several hours.

The top layer of the cheesecake consists of cherry syrupseedless. To make it, you need to mix 40 g of starch, 250 ml of cherry juice, bring to a boil, add two tablespoons of sugar and boil. Remove from heat, add 500 g of cherry and cool. Cherries spread on the cheesecake surface, pour over the syrup and cool in the refrigerator.

The real delicacy will be cookedcheesecake without baking from chocolate chip cookies, nuts and air rice balls. It is easy to prepare, and the presence of alcohol will enhance the taste and increase the sweetness to such an extent that it can no longer be discarded. To make it, you need to melt 180 butter butter with 280g of dark chocolate on a steam bath. Add from two to four (at the discretion of the hostess) tablespoons cognac (you can replace it with rum, orange or cherry liqueur). Then add 170 g of crushed cookies, 70 g of nuts, 30 g of air rice balls, 100 g of sliced ​​candied cherries and mix everything. At the bottom of the cake bag, put a lot of it and put it in a cool place for hardening. One kilogram of tender cottage cheese mix with sugar, beat. Carefully insert the dissolved jelly and pour the bottom layer of the cake with a curd paste. Put for 2 hours in a cool place.

Recipes of curd cake are so diverse,that each mistress will find for herself the ideal option. Even with a minimum of ingredients for the pie, be sure to prepare a delicious cheesecake, a recipe without baking that is simple enough and will be to the liking of even the novice hostesses.

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