What now only there are no recipes of varioushome baking: pies, cookies, cheesecakes, rolls and bread. Such sweets will decorate any everyday or festive table, and also please your relatives and friends. Many people think that baking quickly and simply is empty journal words, but this is not quite true. Now, for the preparation of many culinary masterpieces you will not need to stand all day at the stove and knead the dough. One example of this dessert for tea - this is our cupcake recipe in silicone form. What kind of stuff you choose for him and how to decorate - depends only on your tastes, preferences and imagination. It is necessary to adhere to the rules of preparation of the test for this dish.

cake recipe in silicone
This cupcake recipe in silicone form does not take much time and effort from you, but you will need:

- 250 grams of butter;
- two and a half glasses of flour;
- two or three small spoons of baking powder (baking powder);
- one tablespoon of vanilla sugar or essences;
- 4 eggs;
- about half a teaspoon of salt;
- two or three large spoons of cocoa with a slide;
- half a glass of milk;
- three large spoons of starch.

Our delicious and simple pastries will be prepared about an hour and a half.

The first thing to do is to grinda softened and pre-heated slightly oil along with sugar and a spoonful of vanilla sugar or essences. Gradually, one by one, eggs are hammered, and at every stage everything is thoroughly mixed. Flour, previously sieved, mixed with starch, a spoonful of salt and a small amount of baking powder. Very slowly, this mixture is introduced into the already prepared egg-sugar mixture. In this case, the dough should be constantly stirred, so that no lumps are formed. Then add milk and mix everything. In this process, you can use a mixer. According to the consistency, our dough should be thick and homogeneous, without a single lump. Then it must be divided into two equal parts. One half is mixed with cocoa.

Delicious and simple pastries
Special silicone mold for cookingthe cake is smeared with butter. First put white part of the dough, and top is poured the second half with cocoa. Next, gently, a teaspoon, you need to mix in some places both layers of the dough, to give the marble cake. The oven heats up to one hundred and eighty degrees, and our dessert is baked for an hour. However, this time may depend on the characteristics of your kitchen equipment, and during baking you need to check the baking for availability. It is convenient to do this with a toothpick. If, after you have removed it from the cake, there is no test left on it, it means that your dessert is already ready.
baking fast and easy

Cake recipe in silicone form can be a littlechange, and cook in the microwave. Bake should be about thirty to forty minutes at maximum capacity of the oven. After the cupcake is ready, it must be carefully removed from the mold and laid out on the dish. If desired, you can decorate with melted chocolate, jam, condensed milk or add sugar powder. Or in the filling of a marble cake you can add raisins or nuts, and make the baking even more delicious and aromatic. As you can see, the cake recipe in silicone form is designed only for an hour of work.

It's so easy, quick and easy to prepare a dessert with a unique taste that will surprise all households and decorate any table.

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