Baking muffins in silicone molds -An exciting lesson and a useful skill. The gentle smell of a homemade freshly prepared test can raise your mood even in a deep, gloomy autumn. In addition, the original muffins in silicone forms will please your guests, and you do not have to spend the whole day on baking cake. Let's read the recipes.

muffins in silicone molds

Chocolate cake in silicone

These small elegant products are not onlytasty, but also will not spoil your figure. After all, they include such an unusual ingredient for baking, like grated carrots. If you are wary of adding vegetable purees to the dough, we advise you to drop your doubts and try. In order to bake such cupcakes in silicone molds in the amount of twelve pieces, you need fifty grams of rye flour and one hundred and twenty oatmeal (it can be prepared with a grinder made from regular oatmeal), as well as an egg, a glass of fat kefir, a cocoa spoon, and baking powder.

baking muffins in silicone molds

The low-fat dough itself will be dryish,so prepare for such cupcakes stuffing of cottage cheese (250 grams), raisins and vanillin. Mix the dry ingredients first with each other, and then with the beaten egg and yogurt. In the resulting dough, add the carrots. Put the first half of the dough into the molds, then two spoons of the filling, then the second half. Bake at medium temperature for fifteen minutes.

Mint cakes in silicone molds

This original pastry with a taste of cocktailMojito will cheer you up. For six small cupcakes you will need two eggs, a glass of kefir, two glasses of flour, a glass of sugar, a baking powder, half a glass of refined vegetable oil and a bunch of mint. Wash the greens and cut. Eggs beat with yogurt, butter and sugar. Add pre-sifted flour and baking powder. Stir the mint. Pour into a mold and bake for forty minutes. If the product is still damp in the middle while the top is well baked, cover the muffins in silicone molds with foil. Cool and serve with tea.

Chocolate muffins cooked with a double boiler

chocolate cake in silicone
The preparation of the dough in a double boiler allowsto achieve that its density, which is well suited for bread and not very good cake. Adding nuts, spices and cocoa, you can get very tasty pastries. You can also put raisins or various dried fruits into the dough. First bake a test portion - say, three medium cupcakes. For them you will need one egg, forty grams of oatmeal and rye flour, two tablespoons of kefir, nuts, raisins, cocoa, ginger, vanilla, cinnamon, soda and honey to taste. Mix the flour with baking powder and spices. Whip the whites separately. Add them to the flour, then pour in the yogurt. Put the dough into the molds of the steamer, greased with oil, on top with an egg yolk, put on each several raisins, flax seeds or sesame seeds. Cover with foil. Put an hour and a half in the steamer. Cupcakes need to be cooled and served with milk and coffee. The next day they can be heated in a microwave, and they will give the impression of freshly baked.

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