Banana cake without baking will help the owner, whenthere is no time to knead the dough, and so you want to please your loved ones with a tasty and useful dessert. Not only is this cake low caloric, it is still quite simple to prepare, that is, it can become the first confectionery masterpiece of your child who decided to help his mother.

Banana cake without baking: recipe first

Cooking the cream. To do this, rub the yolks with sugar, add to this mixture flour and mashed banana with banana. With a thin trickle, gradually pour in hot milk and mix it. The number of ingredients is not indicated, since it depends on the size of the cake you are cooking and the number of cookies available. Put the cream on the fire, bring to a boil, constantly stirring, and cook until thick. We cool with periodic stirring.

We prepare the form. Fold it with foil, lay out on it a cookie (preferably dry, but unsalted), sprinkle with rum. We pour everything with a layer of chilled cream, and again put the cookies on top. So lay the layers until the entire shape is filled. We send the workpiece to the refrigerator. A day later, we shift the banana cake without baking to a flat dish, after removing the foil. From the top decorate with frozen berries or compote, with a mug of banana, pour all the whipped cream into the cream and put on the beautifully cut marmalade and kiwi.

The next cake without baking with a banana will be with uswith nuts. First all the ingredients are prepared. A dry cookie (half a kilogram) breaks into pieces. Nuts (hazelnuts - 50 g) are cleaned, lightly fried and crushed in a blender to a crumb. Bananas (4 pcs.) Are cleaned and cut into thin circles. A fifth banana is left to decorate the cake. Chocolate is rubbed on a small grater (50g).

Now let's start cooking. Butter (180g) is combined with crushed nuts, sour cream (200g) and sugar (200g). Everything is carefully kneaded. Then to the received mixture banana circles are added, ground cinnamon (to taste) and again all is well beaten up. The cookie and nut-banana mixture are mixed and laid out on the dish in the form that you like best (it can be a diamond, circle or heart). Such a cake of cookies with a banana sprinkled with chopped chocolate and decorated with banana mugs. Dessert is put in the refrigerator for impregnation for two or three hours. After this time, you can start tasting!

And try to cook a banana cake without baking with dried fruits! Time for it will go much more, but you will not regret it! To prepare this cake, the following products are required:

- half a cup of chopped almonds, seeds, hazelnuts, dates;

- 5 pieces. finely chopped dried apricots;

- 2 tablespoons water.

These ingredients will be used to make the cake. And for the filling we take almond milk (250 ml), coconut milk (400 ml), a glass of sugar (preferably brown), one tablespoon of maple syrup and lemon juice. You also need three bananas, a teaspoon of cinnamon (ground), two teaspoons of vanilla extract and agar-agar (in the absence of it you can replace corn meal).

We begin to cook. On the detachable form we put food film. Mix the crushed nuts with dried fruits. By the way, for their crushing, a blender, coffee grinder and even a meat grinder are perfectly suited.

Beat almond and coconut milk withbananas, spices, sweetener and we dissolve there agar-agar. Mixing this mixture with the first of the nuts and dried fruits, pour everything into a saucepan and put it on the dryer for eight hours. Adding a thickener to the dough, which was previously dissolved in almond milk (60g), we again send our cake once again for the same eight hours to the dryer. After this time, we put the banana cake without baking in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, and then decorate with almond petals and finely chopped fruit.

Rich banana taste of cakes without baking will appeal to both children and adults!

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