The operating life of the treadmill depends on thecare of the simulator. The device should not only be cleaned of dust, but also lubricated. After buying it there is a lubricant, but eventually it evaporates. Lubricant for the treadmill can be of different types. It is necessary to use a quality tool, as well as to perform the procedure correctly. Then the equipment will last more than one year.

How often should I lubricate the machine?

It depends on the frequency of employment on the runningtrack, as well as on the duration of events. If the device is not in use, it is not required to process it. But with regular use, the simulator needs lubrication every month. Then the device will run smoothly.

treadmill lubricant

What is used?

Silicone grease for treadmills is consideredthe best. It is sold in spray cans and in thick form in conventional containers. But it should be borne in mind that the spray is ineffective for the treatment of the canvas and the deck, since the silicone in the cylinder has a lower viscosity and evaporates rapidly. Most manufacturers of treadmills produce silicone in the bubble with the simulator.

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Homemade remedies should not be used. They adversely affect the operation of the equipment. In addition, their use can lead to unfitness for the treadmill. Lubrication is an important part of care. It is desirable to use special tools that are suitable for a particular brand of the simulator.

Types of funds

In sports stores usually sold greasefor treadmills. "Sportmaster" offers to purchase a simulator along with this tool. Daytona should be used once a quarter or at a run of 200 km. Improve the quality of classes will help just the lubricant for treadmills. "Sportmaster" offers to purchase it and separately from the equipment. The processing procedure will reduce the load on the electric motor and make the movement of the canvas smooth. Due to this, the service life is extended. Before use, the aerosol must be shaken. Then it is necessary to lift the cloth, apply lubricant. The product should not fall on the outside.

silicone grease for treadmills

EFELE Treadmill Lubricant allowsreduce noise, extend operation. The volume of the bottle is 405 ml. It contains information about the product and the manufacturer. Advantages include harmlessness to humans, lack of color and a neutral smell. You can use the tool for different simulators. Convenient nozzle nozzle allows you to handle hard-to-reach places.

Treadmill Molykote SeparatorSpray is created in the form of an aerosol. The tool protects the simulator from deformation. The bottle contains 400 ml. Of the advantages can be allocated security, lack of color and smell. Can be used for different devices.

Silicone grease for treadmill SIL-Xis universal. Used to improve the appearance of parts, slow the aging of parts of equipment. Also protects from moisture, eliminates creaks, reduces friction. The canvas is perfectly lubricated without loosening and subsequent adjustment of the fabric.

You can use silicone oil, whichis sold in different volumes, but the minimum is 100 ml. The facility is in demand due to the low price and good impact on the sports equipment. It is used as a standard lubricant.

Rules of performance of work

The simulator must be disconnected from the mains. Then you should loosen the tension of the running belt. For this, the adjusting bolts should be turned on both sides. The cloth should be raised in the middle of its length. Then the lubricant is applied to the treadmill.

silicone grease for the treadmill

Then you need to tighten the adjusting bolts to thesuch a number of revolutions, which was made with weakening. The simulator should be turned on at a low speed for a few minutes to distribute the product evenly. Then you need to check the alignment of the blade. Excess grease must be wiped with a rag. You should walk on the canvas for a few minutes, and then the simulator can be used in the usual mode. Lubrication must be carried out regularly, so that no repair of equipment is required.

The running track must be lubricated periodically: the agent dries out with time, and the friction coefficient increases. Therefore, the load on the engine and the belt will be greater, and this leads to a breakdown. If the simulator has not been processed, they can refuse warranty service. This procedure improves the sliding and cleans the web.

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