As statistics show, about a third of womenexperiencing discomfort during intercourse. The main cause of this phenomenon is the lowering of the libido, and also the fact that the natural lubrication of the vaginal is not produced in sufficient quantity.

Vaginal lubrication
Unfortunately, most women suffering fromsuch a problem, just keep silent about it. As a result, they either do not get any pleasure from physical intimacy, or at all refuse it. But today there is a wonderful way out of this situation. And it is a vaginal lubrication, realized in pharmacies.

Modern types of lubricants

At the moment, on the shelves of pharmaciesA very wide range of this product is offered, which is represented by various types of lubricants. Thanks to this, every woman will be able to choose the best option for herself. By the way, most of the lubricants are designed not only to moisten the mucous membranes of intimate organs, but also to protect them from infection. In addition, sometimes you can find lubricants that have a contraceptive or regenerating property.

gel lubricating vaginal

Most of all funds in this category,for sale, have a water base. This is due to the fact that a vaginal lubrication can be used both for unprotected sex and for sex with a condom. At the same time, there is no need to fear that the use of such a tool will negatively affect the safety of the condom shell.

But a very popular gel-lubricant is vaginal,as a rule, is made on a silicone basis. Therefore, it has a thicker consistency and, of course, a more economical consumption. However, it also has two very significant disadvantages.

  • In most cases it is the lubricants on the silicone base that cause severe allergic reactions.
  • They should not be used in sexual intercourse with sex toys, but also with a condom. In this case, both products can be severely damaged.

In addition, all the lubricants sold today are divided into two further large groups.

    1. Ordinary. Their main purpose is to fill the deficit of natural lubrication.
      vaginal lubricant
    2. Exciting. Thanks to a special complex of pheromones included in their composition, such lubricants not only help make frictions more smooth and pleasant, but also stimulate the woman's desire in addition. Often, gynecologists recommend using it to their ladies during menopause, and also after childbirth. After all, it is at this time there is a fairly strong hormonal failure.

Some of the fair sexrefuse to purchase this product because of embarrassment, and also because they believe that only in specialized intimate stores is sold vaginal lubrication. The pharmacy is actually the main place for the realization of these lubricants. Although almost in any sex shop it can be purchased without difficulty.

In any case, for most womenartificial lubrication of the vaginal is not a luxury item, but a means of first necessity. Its use allows you to make sex more enjoyable, increase libido, and refresh your intimate relationships. And thanks to a wide range of such lubricants, every woman can find exactly the one that suits her.

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