Consistency of lubricants for bicycles is comparable withcream for boots or toothpaste, but in some cases it is liquid to match the configuration of the aerosol. Usually these drugs are sold in special tubes. To pack a large amount of content jars are used. The grease can be used to treat bearings, cables, as well as all connections that are fastened by threading.

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Types of Bicycle Lubricants

  1. Graphite.
  2. Calcium.
  3. Lithium.
  4. Teflon.
  5. Silicone.

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Graphite grease

Graphite grease can be purchased in powderedconfiguration. Typically used for connections in which threaded elements are involved. This is the most durable lubricant for a bicycle, so it is used where there is no need to constantly disassemble and remodel the fasteners, because with it you can save time on the frequency of subsequent repairs. Care should be taken when working with graphite grease, as an inexperienced master can very quickly get dirty.

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Calcium grease

It has a yellow or green color, but a shadenot exactly bright. Successfully used for metal surfaces. Calcium grease practically does not react to moisture, therefore, if it is exposed to rain or after washing the bicycle, it is not necessary to re-lubricate the parts. Items that have been treated with calcium lubricant must be used at temperatures ranging from -30 to +50 degrees. It is not recommended to go beyond these limits.

Lithium grease

Has a red, sometimes yellow color. The parts processed by it must be protected from moisture, since the grease is washed off very quickly. Even a slight rain can cause the need for reworking parts.

Such a lubricant is suitable for climatic zones withlow temperature, as it can withstand up to -50 degrees without changing its basic properties. Plus temperature can be any. Lithium bicycle grease can withstand up to +150 degrees. Any parts can be processed, excluding all items containing aluminum.

Teflon grease

There are two types of Teflon grease. The first is sold in a flacon, from which it must be squeezed out. There is no dispenser in it. The second kind is decorated in the form of a spray, so anyone can schedule the necessary dose for specific details and speed up the repair process. The difference is only in the configuration of the package, and the properties of both types are the same.

Teflon grease is often used for the chainbicycle, but it is designed for other items. Usually it is used when it is necessary to process mobile mechanisms or parts thereof. One of the distinguishing features of this lubricant is the anticorrosion property, that is, after applying this liquid, the objects will not be exposed to rust formation. Also, this product helps to overcome, that is, remove rust, if corrosion occurs in the initial stages. Teflon grease for bicycles is resistant to harmful environmental influences.

Teflon grease for bicycle

It does not react to acid, alkali, orsalt. When the details are a sufficient layer of this tool, a barrier is created for them, which does not allow them to get water and electricity. Teflon grease for bicycles is used at temperatures from -50 and at any plus, as this substance can withstand up to +250 degrees. It is available to residents of any climatic zone.

In most cases, Teflon greaseIt is used for the processing of hinges, forks, chains, as well as other elements that function when the bicycle is moving. It is allowed to apply this lubricant near the plastic elements.

Teflon lubricant for a bicycle does not harm anyoneobjects and devices, and if necessary, it is easily rubbed off with a rag, but for this the matter must be absolutely dry. It is applied to the clean and dried surface of specific parts. When using lubricant from a can, it is necessary to shake it beforehand, and then to do the dosing of the substance.

Silicone Grease

Sold in several configurations. You can buy it both in a jar and in a can. This lubricant is used not only for any parts and mechanisms, but also for plastic, rubber parts, which are subject to friction when the bicycle is moving. In the case of an electric bike, this means can lubricate the battery wires to provide a reliable barrier against dirt and water.

Silicone grease for the bicycle chain is for salein a liquid form. Enough thin film to protect the details from the negative impact. There is no destructive effect on the elements of the bicycle structure, so the formation of rust is impossible. This lubricant withstands the temperature from -50 to + 250 degrees, while at any permissible mark on the thermometer does not change its properties.

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Silicone grease for bicycle in cansis sold in a more dense form than aerosol. If you need a thick and large layer, you need to choose this particular configuration. When working with silicone grease, no protective measures are taken. The substance does not harm the person, therefore it is easily washed off by usual soap and warm water.

Liquid lubricants

Special oil bottles areUniversal and used for processing of many structures. The liquid lubricant for the bicycle chain is indispensable when it is necessary to handle a small, hard-to-reach part, and also in cases where there are many projecting corners in the part. The ease of use explains the ability to handle parts with a syringe. Of the disadvantages can be identified a small resistance to low temperature. When the lubricant is selected, the price plays a big role. Approximately you can buy good products at a cost of 300-800 rubles. In a liquid configuration, you can find cheap and quality samples.

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Aerosol Lubricants

Spray cans help not onlyclean the object of rust or cover with a protective substance, but also displace unnecessary elements, water, as the spray is carried out under pressure. Aerosols are excellent in the treatment of surfaces that can be frictionally handled. These greases perfectly help in road conditions when there is an urgent need, and there is little time to repair or process the parts.

The bicycle chain in most cases alsotreated with an aerosol lubricant, but in doing so, it is necessary to control the jet of the substance, since it is impossible to allow the means to enter the brake or rim mechanism. To understand what lubricants for lubricating a bicycle should be selected, you should pay attention to aerosols.

What should I lubricate in a bicycle?

  1. Chain. With this element, the bicycle can move. The technical condition of the vehicle depends on the quality of the lubricant, as well as on its quantity and correct application. If the chain is in poor condition, it must be lubricated. This is indicated by the appearance of extraneous noise when the bicycle moves.
  2. The axles of the braking system. With them, you need to work carefully, since the timeliness of stopping the vehicle depends on them.
  3. Roller wheels involved in chain tension. These elements are constantly in contact, so you can not spare their grease.
  4. Speed ​​shifter. It is made from two parts. To be able to independently choose the speed of driving, you need regular lubrication of these elements. It should be remembered that the lubrication of bicycle bushings is a necessary stage in the care of it.
  5. Cables for braking and switching speeds.
  6. Carriage unit. The more often it is lubricated, the better secure the fasteners.
  7. Bearings.
  8. Depreciation system. In order for it to function properly, it is necessary to lubricate the front fork in time.

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Lubricate the bicycle regularly. It is advisable to check the parts before each trip and, if necessary, apply a small layer of the substance. It should be remembered that the bicycle needs this in the winter. So that it does not creak and does not become corroded, periodically lubricate all parts. It is necessary to pay attention to even small mechanisms, so as not to provoke dangerous situations. This is helped by lubricants designed for various parts and weather conditions.

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