There are often situations when it is necessaryattach any thing in such a way as not to make a hole in it. For example, hang the blinds on a new plastic window or attach the navigator to the windshield of your favorite car. In this case, an irreplaceable device will be a silicone sucker.

silicone suction cups for glass
By itself silicone is a complex polymer, inwhich contains molecules of oxygen and silicon. This substance has strong water-repellent properties. It is chemically neutral, that is, it rarely enters into chemical reactions with other substances. Stable at different temperatures, practically does not serve destruction. The presence of such properties and caused the widespread use of silicone.

The most common areas of its useare construction projects, water supply systems, sewerage. With its help, the seams are sealed on the facades of houses and windows. It is irreplaceable even in the construction of drainage systems. This material is also used in the manufacture of devices such as silicone suction cups for glass.

silicone sucker
There is a large number of possiblevariants of suckers. Some are designed to fix towels in the bathroom and are equipped with special hooks, others have holes for attaching any objects, for example, toothbrushes. This type of fasteners, when properly installed, is quite reliable. And fix it yourself will not be difficult even for the child.

When choosing a sucker, you need to pay attentionon its elasticity. Today, Chinese manufacturers use plastic impurities to reduce the cost of a finished product, which adversely affects the quality. This silicone sucker is less flexible and stiff, which is easy to determine by trying to bend it. With a good quality of the material, the silicone takes the original form.

If after prolonged usethe sucker has lost its elasticity and more "does not want to" keep on the glass, do not rush it out, but try to restore flexibility. To do this, put it in a saucepan with water and put it on a stove. Wait for the water to boil, and do not get the sucker for 2 minutes. It will return for a while its elasticity, but it will not be possible to avoid buying a new one.

Irreplaceable silicone sucker in the car. Auto navigator, window curtains, rearview mirror - that's just a small list of ways to use it in the car.

universal silicone sucker
Aquarists also had more than oncecollide with this type of attachment, like a universal silicone sucker. It is used for fixing filters, heaters, thermometers, so necessary for the normal functioning of the aquarium.

From the above written it follows that such a thing assilicone sucker is a necessary and inexpensive device actively used in everyday life. And every day the number of options for its use increases and is limited only by human imagination.

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