Increasingly popular with car ownersacquires a removable silicone tint based on a static film. The darkening of the windows thus gives the car a more spectacular appearance. Toning material can be removed at any time. The film can be folded or folded into a roll without loss of quality. Also at any time it is again installed on the car's glasses, it's very convenient.

Silicone film can be removed and applied a lottime. In this case, it is not subjected to deformation and does not lose any performance characteristics. After the next installation, the film should be thoroughly dried. This is necessary for toning to acquire the necessary transparency. If the installation is carried out correctly, then the owner of the car can not be afraid of penalties from the traffic police or any other problems.

silicone tinting
Let's see what this silicone tint represents, consider its main disadvantages, advantages, performance characteristics.

Features removable silicone tinting

Dimming the car glass with silicone filmlooks more aesthetically. In appearance, this material is no different from ordinary film. The product can withstand any frost. During the installation / dismantling process, the silicone tint film is not deformed and is not subject to mechanical influences. It is durable and practical. Removable silicone tint also does not miss ultraviolet and does not lose qualities due to direct sunlight.

With this material, you can reliably protectsalon car, as well as people in it from the sun's rays. At the same time, normal illumination will not be disturbed. The film absorbs the glare of the sun, due to which the effects of the mirror are eliminated, blinding the headlights of oncoming or passing cars.

Protective function

In the case of car accidents, the lateral as well as the rear onesthe glass is often broken and scattered into small parts. These fragments can be quite dangerous for humans. If a removable silicone tint is installed on the windows of the car, the glass will not crumble as a result of an accident or because of stones flying out from under the wheels of oncoming vehicles. Even if it is broken for some reason, its fragments do not scatter in all directions. All of them will be held on film.

removable silicone tinting
Tinted car glass break upmuch more difficult than the ordinary. Therefore, darkening is also an additional protection against thieves. Plus, fewer people will look into the car's interior on bright sunny days.

Features of silicone films

Silicone tinting has a lot of positivequalities and features. So, as a fixer, the so-called static attraction is used. For installation, there is no need for special adhesives. The material can be glued and removed at least five thousand times. Even experienced specialists will not be able to see the difference between high-quality removable and usual toning.

Initially, these types of films were used onwindows of apartment buildings and offices. It should be noted that the material itself is not protected from scratches. Therefore, silicone tinting in this regard is more vulnerable than other materials on a rigid basis.

Advantages of silicone tinting

After analyzing the positive characteristics of thismaterial can be seen its most important advantages. Thus, the effect of one-sided visibility is created, which ensures sufficiently high confidentiality. The film improves the safety and reliability of auto glass.

With this tinting material, the upholstery andthe interior elements are protected from sun burn. The film is resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Also among the main advantages are the ability to reuse it multiple times.

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A huge plus of this method of toning is a highdurability. It is enough to apply this material once, and no longer worry about it. Silicone tinting will not disappear in a month. It will stick to the glass for a long time. The material is not afraid of tight rubber seals in the door of the car. Toning reliably holds on any glass surfaces. The material significantly reduces the heating of the car in the summer.

Silicone tint on the static - this is the mosteffective and high-quality material among other removable types of films. It does not change its shape and properties at any temperatures. The material is not subject to rubbing, it stably withstands mechanical influences of sand and dust. Having minimal skills of working with films, you can apply it on the glass yourself.

To remove the tint from the glass, you need onlyfew seconds. This is convenient in various situations (for example, if you need to cross the border). The laws of some countries prohibit driving on cars with tinted windows. You can remove the film right before moving, and install - after passing the control zone.


Along with the advantages, a removable siliconetinting on the static has its drawbacks. They are detected during the operation of the material. Unlike more traditional tinted films, it slightly distorts the image. This effect can be observed if on the glass, for example, the film S TONIR FILM was used. The effect can create serious inconvenience to the driver. In this case, toning does not affect the safety of traffic and the characteristics of the survey.

removable silicone tinting reviews
Darkening with a silicone film (if you compareher with any other kinds of removable products) has one more disadvantage. It lies in the fact that unprofessional installation can not only make a worse overview, but also affect the safety of passengers and the driver.

Therefore, it is best to trust the installationprofessionals. As for the shortcomings of the material itself, which the owners discover in practice, you need to analyze what the users themselves write. Now very popular is silicone tinting on the statics. Reviews of real users will better show the shortcomings of the product. We will discuss them later.

Methods of application

To install silicone toners, do notit is necessary, but it is desirable to have certain skills in working with these materials. So, before applying Gila film, it is recommended to moisten the glasses with plain water beforehand. Also the manufacturer recommends, if possible, use a soapy solution. This approach will help in time to correct mistakes during application and to change the position of the tint during the installation.

After preinstallation, the filmaligned on the edge of the glass. It is best if the tint is 2-3 mm below the edge. That's what those who have removable silicone tinting write. The feedback of those who installed it on their own shows that it is best to use a rubber spatula to smooth it - so much easier.

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After the material has been carefully alignedon the glass, the tips of the film are wound under the rubber band, and the alignment process is repeated again. Also, to obtain a good result, all liquid from the film is necessarily removed. It is required to constantly check the tension level of the material.


In the market there are different removable siliconetoning. Reviews of car owners who used it, can identify the leading manufacturers. So, such films as ASWF, Silicon Tint, Jhonson have been proving to the consumer for many years a high level of quality and durability. For example, Silicon Tint products earned their trust back in the early 2000s. This reputation of the company remains today.

silicone tint on the statics
Those who are going to darken the car's glassesthus, it is better to leave the choice for quality products. Do not choose cheap products of questionable quality. It's saving on your safety.

How much is?

On average, in Moscow for toning with such filmstake from 1500 r for two glasses. Sold silicone toning separately. Prices start from 500 rubles per one running meter. In different salons where tinting services are performed, the cost of the service is from 2 to 10 thousand rubles for 4 glasses.


Stop your choice on silicone removableproducts or choose the usual permanent tinting, everyone chooses on their own. Some people do not need this option at all. Objectively speaking about toning is very difficult. Therefore, the best way to tell about this feedback.

So, many went with the usual constant film. After checking the transparency, traffic police officers force this tint to be removed. Drivers explain that instead of permanent, better silicone toning. Reviews say that at any time it can be dismantled. Those who only installed on their glass such material, note that at first it was unusual. But after a few days nothing is noticeable - the material fits and everything comes back to normal.

removable silicone tint on the statics
Also for taxi drivers is actual siliconetoning. Reviews - only positive. If there is a choice between an inexpensive film-sticker from China, then it is better to purchase a removable one - the quality will be much higher. Many people like that this material can always be removed and installed with their own hands.

But there are other reviews. Some people write that for all the ease of installation for installation / dismantling, you need to have special skills. It's not true - minimal skills are needed to install a silicone tinted coating. The main thing is that the glass should be perfectly clean.


So, we found out what silicone film is. As you can see, this is very quite good tinted material. Among the advantages is the possibility of repeated use without any damage, ease of installation, the ability to remove the film at any time. Some manufacturers provide already finished, cut film. You will only have to "glue" it to the surface with a soap solution.

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