Without Thai balsams, no tourist can come home. Some believe that this is an ordinary Russian "Zvezdochka". The rest know the truth about the secrets of joints and muscles treatment in this way.

Types of Thai Balsams

Pharmacies and shops are filled with hundreds of kinds of jars with various balsams. They come in almost all the colors of the rainbow. However, Thai balsams are conditionally divided into just a few groups.

Thai balsams

  1. They take off the pain and warm up.
  2. Relieve pain without a warming effect.
  3. Strengthen the blood flow, remove puffiness and bruises.
  4. They remove itching and irritation of the skin.

The composition of Thai balsams includes mainly fats and oils (for example, palm oil) and more than 150 kinds of trace elements, most of which have not yet been studied.

Tiger balm on herbs

Tiger balm was developed in 1870. It is a very effective herbal preparation. It is used for external relief of muscle and joint pain. In Thailand, it is available in the "cold" and "hot" options. The first, white, is recommended for the removal of migraines, nausea from motion sickness. The second, red, copes well with catarrhal diseases, relieves pain during hypothermia of the muscles.

green Thai balsam

Composition of tiger balm: menthol, camphor and oil (eucalyptus, peppermint, clove, acacia).

Features of red balsam

Thai red balm has warmingproperties. This balm is excellent as an analgesic. Red balsams are found on the basis of coconut oil, which is added to the extract of chili pepper. It is used for anti-cellulite massages.

The remedy is made up of ancient Thai recipes. Applied in the traditional treatment of polyarthritis, arthrosis, arthritis, fights with the deposition of salts.

Quickly heals various types of joint diseases, inflammation of the joint bag. Arthritis, arthrosis and even gout with their painful accompaniments balm will cure after several applications.

Red Thai balm very quickly relieves pain at lumbago, sciatica, helps to repair torn ligaments, helps with the fusion of multiple fractures.

The best effect can be observed afterone week of application. For this, it is necessary to massage the diseased parts of the body. Thai balms for the joints are good for the elderly. Balm is not recommended for open wounds. It has the effect of strong heating.

Green Thai balsam - a true friend of the athlete

This balm is used for joint and muscle pain of any origin. He will cope with radiculitis, bruises, myalgia, associated with muscle overload.

Green Thai balsam is used:

  1. From bruises, ruptures of ligaments, sprains.
  2. For warming up and training muscles for sports.
  3. For calming pain in the joints with closed fractures.
  4. For colds, rubbing the thorax.

Thai Balsam Description

Green balm has a cooling effect,although it causes completely opposite feelings. Such Thai balsams are the best way for athletes who engage in extreme sports. For example, boxing, martial arts, etc., that is, where it is most likely to get injured. Balm should be used in the first day after getting injured. It is an excellent tool against sunburn. Widely used to relieve inflammation and itching.

Anti-inflammatory yellow balm

Yellow balsam is often a sure way to improve blood circulation. Hence its use: to prepare muscles for training, with massage, varicose veins.

With headaches it is rubbed into the temples, the back of the neck, the neck, the surface of the nose. This causes abundant blood flow. Yellow balm is with several types of wild ginger and turmeric.

Thai red balsam

The product is actively used for dizziness,seasickness from motion sicknesses. The yellow kind of balm removes inflammation, burning, itching from insect bites, very well suppresses fungal infections between the fingers of the legs and hands.

Black kind of balm against articular diseases

Thai black balm is for treatmentdiseases of the musculoskeletal system and pain in the muscles and joints. Black balm is a multi-component natural ayurvedic remedy. Deeply penetrates to the very source of pain, has an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and distracting effect.

Balsam with black sesame treats polyarthritis,reduces the deposition of salts in the body. The composition of this balm includes sesame oil containing such minerals as phosphorus, iron, magnesium, silicic acid, calcium and a number of other microelements.

Thai Balsam Reviews
Sesame oil is very rich in linolenic acid. The lecithin component, which is in it, affects the human endocrine gland, nerves and brain cells. Balm with sesame oil softens the skin, improving its structure, prevents premature aging, also heals arthritis and gout. People who used Thai balsam, reviews leave basically only positive.

Liquid skin balm

The composition of this balm includes an extract of an orchid. It promotes skin moisturizing, stimulates microcirculation, restores and normalizes respiration of the skin, helps to remove toxins from the body, nourishes the skin with useful mineral substances. Orchid oil accelerates the regeneration of cells, relieves irritation, soothes the skin, stops inflammatory processes. Pleasant aroma of the flower relaxes the body, eliminates insomnia, increases the working capacity of a person, improves overall health, calms the nervous system.

Menthol action of blue balm

Balsam of this color contains a lot of menthol, which characteristically distinguishes it from other Thai products. It has a cooling effect and a slight menthol odor.

It is recommended to use blue balm with bruises: it will calm and remove swelling.

Thai Black Balsam

Balsam was widely used in treatmentvaricose veins. Blue balm quenches pain, strengthens capillary walls, tones up the skin, gives a feeling of coolness and freshness. With dizziness, colds and runny nose, it is also recommended to use Thai balsams.

Description of methods of use:

  1. With varicose veins, balm is recommended to be applied softly on the skin of the legs. To rub in any way it is impossible. After that, do not cover your legs, raise your head for 20 minutes.
  2. With bruises, the ointment is applied to the affected areas of the skin with a thin layer.
  3. With colds with balm make inhalation.

Balsam is indicated for use by owners of too sensitive skin.


Thanks to its painkillers and topicalirritating properties balm will provide relief of pain in the back and relieve muscle discomfort. Camphor oil dilates the blood vessels. This is the effect of heat, which improves blood circulation. Increased blood flow accelerates recovery and recovery after injury. The heating of the skin distracts a person from pain, gradually loosening it.

With headaches or regular migraine headachesIt is necessary to apply a small amount of yellow balm to the occiput and temples. With muscle pain balm is applied topically 2-4 times a day, it is necessary to conduct the procedure before bedtime.

Catarrhal diseases are treated with all kinds of inhalations. It is necessary to inhale the balsamic vapors, rub it into the chest, rubbing the sinuses in the rhinitis.

Varicose veins treat yellow Thai balsams. The procedure is always on the packaging. It is necessary to rub with light movements from the bottom up on the leg.

Thai balms for joints

People who used Thai balsams indelighted with the effect. After rubbing them with the chest, some catarrhal symptoms disappeared in the morning. Green kind of balm struggled with bruises and sprains. Those who used red Thai balsam, noted an excellent analgesic effect. Articular diseases were treated much faster. Black Thai balm to some customers helped to get rid of gout at an initial level, as it reduces the deposition of salts.

All Thai balsams are exclusively for external use. Therefore, avoid contact with eyes, damaged skin and mucous membranes.

Buy drugs better in pharmacies to protect themselves from fakes. On this balm there will be a medical certificate number, according to which it was issued.

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