Altai is a pearl of Russia, a unique land,which has long been famous for its abundance of natural resources necessary for human health. For centuries, numerous medicinal plants grow here. The pristine nature of the Altai is a corner of the Earth untouched by civilization. Even today, it continues to preserve the virginity of forests, a stunning climate, crystal clear water draining from glaciers located on mountain ranges.

Altai balsams
In the mountains of Altai, you can find more than two hundred speciesunique healing plants, which are exclusively in this region. The strength of herbs of the alpine meadow and its unsurpassed aromas, the purity of the mountain air and the power of the transcendental rivers absorbed the Altai balsams. These natural remedies are well-deservedly popular, as they contain a variety of exotic and traditional for our country medicinal herbs. A pleasant unique flavor and magnificent taste of these amazing natural "medicines" won many admirers of a healthy lifestyle, preferring organic products.

Manufacturers of nonalcoholic Altaic balsams

A variety of companies today produce Altaicbalms. These include the famous leaders ("Narine", "Biostimulus"), and other well-known companies ("Our Cedar", "Sib-Krok"), individual enterprises (NPF "Altai Project" (Biysk), NW "Podgorny") and many other manufacturers. Technologies for making Altai balsams are based on complex processes, consisting of several stages. In addition to the infusion of ingredients, the unique raw material can undergo a single or multi-stage distillation, separate aging, filtration. Further mixing takes place according to ancient, proven by centuries, recipes.

Balsam Altai reviews
The secret of final aging of balsams anda lot of original additives manufacturers carefully protected. This helps to ensure the absolute uniqueness and high quality of brands of Altai medicinal drinks.

Features of Altaic balsams

Phyto-balms of Altai in its composition containnatural mountain honey, medicinal herbs, propolis and miraculous cedar nuts. For consumption by people of any age, including children, nonalcoholic Altaic balsams are absolutely safe. The natural ingredients of these miracle preparations have a delicate aroma and a magnificent taste of natural gifts - berries, herbs, nuts and roots. These ingredients, which are part of multicompounds of biologically active agents, gently and effectively protect children's body, strengthen it and increase the resistance of the baby to infectious diseases and colds.

Nonalcoholic Altaic Balsams
Adult Altai balsams help noticeablyactivate the defenses of the body, strengthen health, improve efficiency, accelerate recovery after emotional and physical overload, resist stress and ensure a perfect mood for the whole day.

Choosing a Balm Altai

Reviews of these amazing tonic andhealth-enhancing beverages can be met only admired. They are caused by the fact that in addition to the general preventive effect, the old recipes of Altai balsams with various natural gifts provide targeted help to the body in a variety of ailments: colds, stresses, weak immunity, problems with the liver, thyroid gland, vision, respiratory organs, male and female sex system; with obesity, insomnia, cardiovascular diseases, mastopathy, allergies and many others.

Balmy Altai bouquet
Balm "Altai bouquet" has long been a favoriteand have gained wide popularity among people who are attentive to their health and quality of life. A series of these unique preparations of Mother Nature include a variety of drinks: honey, cherry juice, mummies, various herbs and fructose.
Immunomodulating Altaic Balm

Assortment of Altai balsams

These non-alcoholic natural medicinal productsdivided by the component composition and the direction of the effect on the body: for men or women, for children, balms for the joints, heart, liver or vision, for immunity or soothing.

Anti-stress Altaic balsam
Despite its priority direction, anyfrom these drinks has anti-cold, firming, cleansing and immunomodulating properties, and also tones, rejuvenates and restores the body, improves mood.

Where can I buy?

Balm "Altai bouquet" today can bemeet in many pharmacies, in health products stores, eco products or online stores. There you can buy Altaic balsams in a variety of packages: from budget to exclusive souvenirs. Sets from several types of drinks, gift copies with a wooden spoon or balm in a ceramic bottle, reminiscent of the symbol of Altai - a bear - will be an excellent gift for friends or family!

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