In the modern world of air transportalmost every country has its own national carrier. Competition among airlines makes each provide the best services, applying the lowest possible tariffs. The airline "Thai Airlines" is the national air carrier of Thailand. Its services favorably differ from those provided by many other airlines in the modern market.

History of creation

Full name of the airline - Thai AirwaysInternational Public Company Limited. The company was founded in 1960, at the beginning of its activity it was organized as a joint venture, of which the SAS company was a partner.

Thai Airlines
Until 1977, this company owned 30% of sharesThai Airlines, then the Thai government bought a portion of the shares. In 1988, "Thai Airlines" merged with one of the largest air carriers of Thailand, the company "Thai Airways Company". This merger was justified by the need to increase the technical fleet and the geography of flights. In addition, the airline "Thai Airlines" plays an important role throughout the world of civil aviation - it was one of the initiators and organizers of the world's largest alliance of airlines "Star Alliance", formed in 1997 together with the companies "Lufthansa", "Air Canada", " SAS "," United Airlines ". The main airport was and still is Suvarnabhumi.


The company was founded in 1960, at the sametime and the first recognizable brand of the airline was developed - a dancing man. This logo was coined by Prince Kraisingh Vudhijaya. The symbol of Thai national dance, the little man personified the hospitality and national culture of the country. He gained popularity around the world and made the brand of the company "Thai Airlines" recognizable, but in 1975 the logo changed. More modern advertising technologies made it possible to make changes in the colors of the logo - purple, purple and gold are bright and recognizable elements of the brand.

Thai Airlines in Moscow
In this color scheme, booklets are issuedand brochures, ticket sales offices, representative offices, etc. The pattern of the logo causes several associations at once - a flower of an orchid, national patterns and silk. The latter association is widely used by "Thai Airlines" in all marketing activities - the company's personnel wear a uniform made of silk. The airline "Thai Airlines" combines the hospitality and softness of the east in combination with European management and service of the highest class - all elements of the brand are designed to emphasize not only the popularity and recognition of the company, but also respect for passengers and partners around the world.


The national carrier of Thailand usesits fleet of aircraft only the best aircraft, won the confidence of passengers and popularity around the world - it's Boeing and Airbus. The first "Boeing 777" "Thai Airlines" purchased in 2012. In total, at the moment the airline owns 88 aircraft of various types with different passenger capacity and level of comfort.

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Safety is one of the priorities of the airline, therefore all Thai Airways are subject to constant monitoring and maintenance.

Main directions

The directions in which the company operates flights"Thai Airlines", today more than 75. Flights are carried out in 35 countries around the world, since November 2005, regular direct flights Moscow-Bangkok. "Thai Airlines" in Moscow have their own representation. The routes of the "Thai Airlines" cover and connect 5 continents. One of the most important achievements of the company can be considered ultra-long flights. There are several of them, one of them is the Bangkok-New York flight, it has been running since 2005 on a comfortable A340-500 liner. The flight time reaches 17 hours. Flight Bangkok-Los Angeles exists since 2005, its flight lasts 16.5 hours. Previously, such a flight was carried out with a single landing in the city of Osaka, Japan, on a Boeing 747-400 aircraft. The airline "Thai Airlines" performs many domestic flights in Thailand. In addition, the company connects the country with other regions of the world - in the Middle East flights are carried out to the Emirates, Kuwait and Oman, to Asian countries: China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, New Zealand, Pakistan, Singapore, Vietnam. Also there are flights on a regular basis to the USA, South Africa and most European countries.

Thai Airlines - passenger reviews

Most frequent flyers choosethe possibility of a flight with the Thai national carrier. Since many travelers visit Thailand with a view to recreation, it is very important for them that the holiday starts already with the flight - and "Thai Airlines" provides this opportunity. Many passengers note very good service, excellent salon - clean and comfortable, where everything is designed for the convenience of passengers. High-class service - even passengers of the "economy" feel important guests on board. "Thai Airlines" in Moscow have a representative office, which is located on the street. Trubnaya, in the business center "Millennium House". This makes it especially convenient to contact the company of Russian citizens. Airborne food deserves special attention - it can be talked about separately.

Boeing 777 Thai Airlines

Onboard food

"Thai Airlines", like all otherairlines that fly long distances, offers their passengers food during the flight. Development of the menu for onboard meals takes place at a special gastronomic factory, which is located in Bangkok. The menu provides Thai national cuisine - most dishes are well known to all lovers of national food, because Thai restaurants are popular all over the world. In addition to national dishes, a wide range of food and drinks from European and Asian cuisine is offered. Wines and cognacs offered to passengers are awarded with various awards. Flights to Japan, China, India include adapted dishes in the menu, special meals for different categories of citizens are developed - it can be ordered no later than 72 hours before the flight. "Thai Airlines" offers special food for children, religious food in accordance with the requirements of Islam or Judaism, special food for vegetarians, for people with diabetes, or having special medical indications. In a word, the onboard food of this airline provides for any wishes of passengers and meets the highest world standards. Independent agencies awarded "Thai Airlines" in the nomination "Best onboard food" in 2005.

Thai Airways

Waiting rooms

Another additional advantage of the service"Thai Airlines" can rightly be recognized as a comfortable waiting room for passengers at the airport Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok. Each waiting room, located in one of the sectors of the airport, has its own name in honor of the royal houses of silk producers. A special waiting room for first class passengers offers a restaurant, a business center, toilets and bathrooms, mother and child rooms and lounges. There is a separate SPA-room where you can order procedures or massage. For business and economy classes there are separate rooms, which also have everything necessary for passengers. All waiting rooms are designed in the corporate style of the company, have an area of ​​more than 1000 meters, designed to accommodate at least 100 passengers. Each waiting room of the company is an excellent place for comfortable rest.

In cases where the time of connecting flights toBangkok exceeds 6 hours, but not more than 24, the airline provides guests with a room at the hotel of one of the partners. These services are not available to passengers whose flight from Bangkok continues farther inside Thailand. Registration for "Thai Airlines" takes place both in the normal mode at the airport counters, and in the Internet online.

Thai Airlines registration

Royal Orchid Plus - frequent flyer bonuses

"Thai Airlines" offers its passengersbonus system of accumulation of miles. The program provides three levels - silver, gold and platinum. Each level is assigned to the passenger, depending on the tickets that he purchased and used. The program operates both on domestic and international flights. After the passenger "flies" a certain number of miles, he can receive special gifts from the company - free flight, a tariff increase - for example, "business" instead of the "economy" purchased by him, hotel accommodation, a ticket for any member of the family , extra free baggage allowance and the like. Tickets for "Thai Airlines" can be purchased on the company's official website, in sales offices and in all ticket offices of Russian cities.

tickets for Thai Airlines

On board

The airline "Thai Airlines" offerspassengers excellent service during the flight. In addition to first-class cuisine and courteous staff, every passenger on board is waiting for an exciting activity or entertainment. Each airliner of the airline is equipped with the latest entertainment system - it's called Audio / Video on Demand. This system offers passengers a lot of television channels, videos and games, training programs, music and much more. For example, on board an aircraft you can get several lessons of a foreign language or master one of the meditative techniques. Smoking on board the "Thai Airlines" is strictly prohibited in all directions.

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