Any woman wants to be beautiful andattractive. In it everything should be fine. It constantly changes its appearance. Most of the fair sex for the change of appearance use hair dye. For today there is a huge choice of such means. Paint, especially strong fixation, often spoils the structure of the hair. With special care, it is necessary to use clarifying agents.

The most harmless are shade paints forhair in the form of shampoos and balms. They are easy to use. They emphasize the beauty of natural color, giving it extra brightness. In addition, they have hair healing and nourishing substances, which give them extra shine and protection against ultraviolet rays. Their drawbacks are that they are quickly washed off and do not completely color the gray hair. Large pigments can not penetrate deeply into the structure of the hair, they easily leave it. Of the toning funds, gray hair balms can best cope with gray hair.

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Tips for use

To apply toning means is simple enough. Using hair color balms, you need to remember a few rules. Balm is applied to clean hair without the use of shampoo. Withstand the product in accordance with the instructions for use. The longer, the more intense the color. Rinse off the shade balm carefully until the water becomes completely clear. Use this method of staining for hair after a perm or for clarified curls can be after two weeks. During this time they are restored, the paint falls exactly. It must be remembered that henna changes color, which should give a tint balm for the hair. Before any use of chemical dyes, it is necessary not to use it for several months.

coloring hair colors

How to use color shampoos

This tool gives a double effect - it stainshair and washes them. The curls become soft and shiny. Shampoo is applied to damp hair and left for a few minutes. Just as with the use of balms, before using this remedy, you should carefully read the instructions. Usually the procedure is repeated twice. It is not recommended to apply shade-colored shampoos to clarified or damaged by chemical curl. Feedback on the change in color shade in this case is diverse.

How to choose the color of a toning agent

To date, the choice of color productsvarious. The most popular are tonic shampoos and balms of the brand "L'Oreal Paris and Estel Solo." The tried and tested means make the hair beautiful and healthy.The shade of balm or shampoo is chosen based on the natural color of the hair.Shorts are suitable for light blondes.The brunettes prefer the golden and copper varieties. cherry, chocolate or caramel color.For gray hair, an ashy shade is recommended.To understand what color is best for you, you can buy two or three favorite tools and tinted After that, you can safely use the most suitable option.

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Tinted balms for hair and toning shampoos enliven the natural color, make it brighter and more saturated. Use them, and you will be beautiful and charming!

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