Thin pancakes with milk and thick yeastpancakes are familiar to every Russian person. But in Thailand, such baking is prepared differently. All tourists who once visited this eastern country, remember the delicious Thai pancakes with a banana. The recipe for their preparation is presented in our article. We offer to prepare pancakes with different varieties of dough and stuffing, including strawberries.

Thai pancakes: cooking features

Thai pancakes, or roti, as they are called inThailand, - a dish with Indian roots. This is how bread cakes are called in India. Bake, or rather, roasting the roe with different kinds of filling. But foreign tourists are especially fond of Thai pancakes with a banana. Reviews of them are admired and enthusiastic. Even those who once disparaged the street food, can not resist the company, so they turn out delicious. Well, as a direct proof of positive feedback - a huge queue before every mobile makashnitsey in Thailand.

Thai pancakes with banana recipe

Thai pancakes are not at all like Russian pancakes. Differences literally in everything:

  • the dough here is quite steep and incredibly elastic;
  • pancake does not pour into the frying pan, but stretches in the hands to the desired size;
  • The mandatory component is the filling;
  • the shape of the Thai pancake is not round, but square because it is folded in the envelope during cooking;
  • they do not bake their mouths, but fry in a frying pan with hot margarine or palm oil, which makes them crisp.

"Roti kluai" or Thai pancakes with a banana: a traditional recipe

In fact, about how the original looksrecipe Thai pancakes, no one knows. In expensive restaurants, dough for them is prepared on the basis of coconut milk and a special flour mix, and in street Thai makashnits on wheels it is prepared on the basis of butter and water. It is the second option and is familiar to Russian tourists, who on arrival home immediately try to recreate it in their kitchen.

By the recipe that is offered in mobile mini-cafes, and cook Thai pancakes with a banana. The step-by-step recipe is as follows:

  1. In the melted butter on the water bath, salt and sugar are added (by ½ tsp). Then directly into the oil sift flour (400 g).
  2. Gradually, warm water poured into the dough (240 ml). The dough is well kneaded for 10 minutes, covered with a film (lid) and set aside for 45 minutes.
  3. After the time the dough is divided into 14 pieces (pancakes).
  4. The filling is prepared immediately before the frying. To do this, in a separate bowl, beat 1 egg and add to it a sliced ​​banana.
  5. To prepare pancakes, every such piecethinly rolled out, or rather stretched out by hand. Then pancake spread on a frying pan with preheated margarine and fry first on one side for 20 seconds, pour the center into the center, turn the edges inside and turn it over to the other side for 40 seconds or until a ruddy crust.

Thai pancakes with banana reviews

Ready pancake spread on a plate with paper, watered with condensed milk or chocolate topping.

Dough for Thai pancakes on green tea

Many Thais in the preparation of a test for the mouthuse green tea. It is added to a flour sifted with a pinch of salt and sugar (1 tablespoon) flour (450 g). Together with tea (½ item), 60 ml of warm milk, liquid honey (1 teaspoon) and olive oil (7 tablespoons) are added to the dough. The mixed dough should turn out to be similar to dumplings. It is transferred to a lubricated bowl and covered with a lid or a film. In this state and leave for 45 minutes.

The rest of the dough is divided into 16 parts (koloboks). Each ball of dough is thinly rolled out with a buttered rolling pin and transferred to a frying pan with a teaspoon of vegetable oil. Fry a bit on one side, then ½ a sliced ​​banana, turn the edges to the center (like an envelope), turn over and fry on the other side. Thai pancakes with a banana, a recipe of which with green tea is presented above, served hot, pre-watering them with condensed milk. From this amount of ingredients, 16-18 pancakes are obtained.

Thai pancakes with condensed milk and banana

Another recipe for Thai pancakes. Provided that the diameter of your frying pan is 30 cm, one of the specified amount of ingredients should be one pancake roti, almost the same as in Thailand. If the frying pan of small diameter, the dough can be divided into two parts and fry two pancakes.

Thai pancakes with banana step-by-step recipe

Pancakes with a banana in Thai are prepared from the followingtest: first of the water (½ tbsp.), condensed milk, melted butter and sugar (1 tablespoon), as well as a pinch of salt, eggs and flour (2 cups of 200 ml) is kneaded dough. On the table under the film, it should rest for half an hour, after which it is stretched into a thin, almost transparent pancake. He is laid out in a frying pan with oil, poured on top of condensed milk, wrapped in an envelope and turned over. After that, pancake spread on a paper towel, and then watered again with condensed milk.

Thai pancakes with Nutella and banana

Delicious pancakes stuffed with chocolatepasta with a banana has many admirers not only in Thailand, but also in Russian cuisine. Prepare this dessert from a familiar dough, and then turn off the finished products with an envelope or a tube. The result will be very tasty Thai pancakes with a banana.

pancakes with a banana in Thai

Their recipe begins with cookingtraditional pancake dough from eggs (2 pcs.) milk and water (1/2 cup), salt and flour (1 tbsp.). In the last turn, vegetable oil (2 tablespoons) is added. Grilled pancakes on a hot frying pan in the traditional way, and then, still hot, are smeared with chocolate paste Nutella and sprinkled with sliced ​​bananas. You can fold them with an envelope or a tube.

Quick recipe Thai pancakes from pita bread

This recipe for those who do not have time to wait,While the dough ripens, and who does not want to do it rolling and stretching. Quick Thai pancakes can be made from thin Armenian lavash. From one such product you get one tasty and crunchy pancake with a banana or any other sweet stuffing.

First, in a separate bowl,A beaten egg and a banana slice. On the stove put the frying pan with butter, and in the meantime in a separate bowl, pour a little milk and dipped in it lavash from two sides. After this, it must immediately be transferred to a hot pan. Put the prepared stuffing in the center of the pita bread, pour it with honey or condensed milk, wrap the edges with an envelope and turn to the other side.

Delicious Thai banana pancakes with coconut milk

In Thai restaurants, dough for pancakes is prepared forbased on coconut milk and water (200 ml each). The liquid is poured into a mixture of flour (550 g) and salt (pinch) and knead the dough as dumplings. After about an hour it is divided into small koloboks the size of two tennis balls, stretch very thinly with hands and spread on a hot frying pan with butter. Coconut milk makes the dough very elastic, so pancakes are well stretched and do not tear.

delicious Thai banana pancakes

The filling is traditional - banana. Many tourists are noted that this is the most delicious recipe for Thai pancakes with bananas. Do not forget to cook them in your kitchen.

What recipe of pancakes offers "Guide to Thai cuisine"?

All fans of Thai cuisine have long been familiar with the Internet portal "Guide to Thai cuisine." Photo - recipes. " Here you can find any recipes of this country: from the first dishes to desserts.

Thai pancakes guide to Thai cuisine

Thai pancakes "Guide to Thai cuisine" offers to cook according to the following recipe:

  1. In a deep bowl combine flour (1 tablespoon), salt and sugar (1 teaspoon).
  2. Milk (1 tablespoon), water (4 tablespoons) and half of the beaten egg pour out into the groove made in the flour mixture.
  3. Add a spoonful of vegetable oil and mix the dough. Before rolling it should lie on the table for about 2 hours.
  4. All the dough should be divided into 3-4 koloboks(depends on the size of the pan). The dough is rolled as thinly as possible, put the pancake into a frying pan, put the sliced ​​banana in the center and wrap the edges of the product.
  5. Turning to the other side, do not forget to grease the top of the product with butter.
  6. Serve hot with condensed milk, honey or chocolate topping.

Thai pancakes with banana and coconut shavings

Delicious pancakes with a banana, cooked according to this recipe, after frying panirovatsya in coconut shavings. Thanks to this they are even more delicious and crispy.

From a dough based on water, milk and flour,presented in the previous recipe, the dough is kneaded. It is covered with a film or lid and left on the table for a couple of hours. Then the dough is divided into balls, the size of the sink. From these ingredients, small Thai pancakes with a banana are obtained. The recipe for roasting them is to brown each product from two sides, and then turn them hot with a tube, not forgetting to add a filling to each. Then pancakes smeared with butter and breaded in coconut shavings. After that, they should be sent to the oven for 3 minutes and bake at 180 degrees.

Thai pancakes with strawberries

The most common stuffing for pancakes inThailand is bananas: with honey, condensed milk or chocolate paste. But in some makashnits tourists are also offered to try pancakes with strawberries, cherries and other berries and fruits.

delicious recipe of Thai pancakes with bananas

To prepare the dough in a separate bowlit is necessary to combine the beaten egg with water (120 ml), sugar and condensed milk (2 teaspoons each). Add a pinch of salt and a little butter, mix well. In the meantime, in another bowl, make a groove in a hill of sifted flour (400 ml cup) and pour the egg mass into it. Knead the dough and leave it on the table for half an hour to lie down.

Then from the dough form 2 round balls. Each of them as much as possible thinly roll out, put on a baking sheet, add to the center of sliced ​​strawberries and honey and wrap it in an envelope. When serving, cut into the same squares and pour sour cream.

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