In periodicals it is difficult to find detailed information onthe creator of the substance under the name "Karvayev's balm". Reviews about this tool are the opposite. Some consumers vote for his magical abilities in healing of many ailments, others completely reject the drug in healing properties.

balms of the caravian

To begin with, it should be said that underthe name "balms of Karavaev" means three basic means of external application: "Vital", "Somaton" and "Auron", and also their modifications. All balsams are sold in pharmacies, are actively advertised, but only one of them - "Vital" - is registered as a medicinal product in the category "parapharmaceutics" (that is, the product of an additional pharmacy range) of the group "skin care". The manufacturer of all products under the general name of "balsams of Karavaev" is the Russian enterprise of OOO "Litomed".

Composition and properties of Caravaev's balsams

The drug "Vital" - is dissolved in oilextracts of 12 medicinal plants. This includes St. John's wort, chamomile, mint, wormwood, dog rose, thyme, pine buds, yarrow, calendula, caraway seeds, fennel, celandine. It also contains camphor and essential oils of orange, mint, fennel. Due to its composition, "Vital" balm is a good antiseptic, analgesic, it can successfully heal wounds on the skin. The product is available in two versions - soy and olive oil. The second is preferable for those who are interested in the most careful care of the skin.

balm of the Karavaev reviews

Curative properties of herbs and fruits, of whichBalsams of Karavaev have been synthesized, used in dermatology with neurodermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, intertrigo and skin itching. Antibacterial and healing abilities of chamomile, celandine, calendula and other herbs are welcome in gynecology, dentistry, and diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Pharmacists use extracts from medicinal herbs to create drops and sprays that help with genyantritis, rhinitis, tonsillitis. According to consumers, many help Vital (balm Karavaeva) with a cold.

Means "Somaton" and "Auron", which are medicinesare not recommended by the manufacturer for use with stagnant phenomena in the body, salt deposits, with radiculitis, varicose veins, with stroke, hypertension, brain fatigue. Fans of Karavaev's balms assert that these means, penetrating through the skin into the blood, are able to enrich it and purify it of toxins. However, there is no scientific data on this ability of drugs under the brand name "Balsams of Karavaev".

The way of applying Caravaev's balms

The preparation "Vitaon" is impregnated with a tampon or bandage and placed on the affected areas of the skin or mucous membrane. It is possible to simply apply a thin layer of the product on the skin.

Vitaon Balm of the Carava at a cold

Balm "Somaton" contains all of the aboveextracts and added with licorice. The basis is water and fir oil. The remedy is used on joints, massaged with it areas of muscles. Other lovers are rubbed with substance from head to toe, claiming that this is a good prevention against colds. When the skin begins to feel cold, the product must be washed off under a warm shower.

The means "Auron" manufacturers offeruse to eliminate headaches, overwork, insomnia. It is recommended to rub the emulsion into the scalp, hold it warm with a towel and wash it off after 15 minutes, without using shampoo.

Are the balsams of Karavaev wonderfulelixirs, not yet fully studied by science, there is a placebo effect or this is the result of a well-organized advertising campaign - not completely clear, but these drugs are popular in the people.

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