Tinted balms of "Tonic"
For modern women there is a huge choicemeans for dyeing hair. Of course, the effect of using paint will be much better than after a shade of shampoo or balm. What are they used for? For several actions:

  • to neutralize the yellowness of the hair (especially after the clarification procedure);
  • to give a light shade to the basic color of the hair.

In this article we will talk about the toning balms "Tonic", and also discuss their advantages and disadvantages.

How to choose the right color balm?

As already mentioned, the balm will not give the effect of staining, which can be obtained after the application of paint. Instead, he:

  • will give a shade;
  • strengthen the hair and give them shine.

So, if you decide to "refresh" the color, thentoning balsams "Tonic" should be selected with a difference of several tones from your main. Otherwise, you risk not getting what you expect. The palette of shades offered by this brand is quite wide, and you can find color for every taste. For example, for blondes, whose problem after clarification is the so-called yellowness, "Tonic" will perfectly suit the tinted balm 810 (pearly-ashy). He will add a cool tone that neutralizes the flaws after dyeing in white.

tonic balm tonic pink
How to use it correctly?

In fact, using a balm is not sojust. Many representatives of the fair sex have several times to make a mistake before getting the desired effect from it. The question arises: "Why is it so difficult?" But, as with hair dyes, the expected and real effects often do not coincide. It should be remembered that you can make toning in the following ways:

1. If we need the maximum color, then the tonic can be applied immediately to washed hair, without diluting it.

2. If we need a light shade or we want to eliminate yellowness, then the toning balms of "Tonic" should be diluted:

  • shampoo in a ratio of approximately 70:30, where 30 is "Tonic" (mix the constituent parts and apply to the hair, wait a few minutes, then wash off);
  • water (after the hair is washed with shampoo, rinse them with water mixed with balsam (a few drops per liter of water).

Advantages and disadvantages of balm "Tonic"

tonics shade balm 810
The advantages are obvious:

  • an acceptable cost;
  • ease of use;
  • the effectiveness of staining;
  • the ability to independently adjust the color saturation;
  • color fastness.

Tinted balms of "Tonic", like any cosmetic products, have their drawbacks, which include:

  • the difficulty in calculating the proportion;
  • In case of too frequent use, this product dries the hair.

Choose paint or coloring agents foradjusting the color of the hair is a purely personal choice. The variety of shades presented in both categories is approximately the same. You can choose between natural tones and the most extravagant ones. For example, the toning balm "Tonic" "Pink Pearl" or "Amethyst" will achieve an unusual shade of hair, will give individuality and emphasize your non-standard.

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