Riga balsams

A popular alcoholic drink was known inXVII century, although it was originally conceived as a medicine. It was under the guise of a curative drink that balsam was offered to Empress Catherine II. Russian merchant Lelyukhin, who also managed to taste a drink, bought a recipe from his German creator and started mass production.

And already since the end of the XVIII century in Russia have become annuallyTo sell about 300 thousand ceramic bottles filled with a fragrant drink. Riga black balsam is produced in a factory that was built in 1900. During the Second World War the recipe was almost lost, but in the 1950s. Through the efforts of the company's technologists, the staff was still able to revive.

Production technology

Riga black balsam

Riga balsams have a special formula: in their composition there are as many as 24 ingredients, and most of them are herbs. The list of the components of the plant components has long been known, but the proportions are still kept secret. Most of the components are local, but there are also imported components, for example, balsamic oil. The drink is infused in birch barrels for as long as 30 days. After that, Riga balsams become a reddish liquid with a high alcohol content. Bottles get a concentrated drink, several huge 300-liter drums are able to fill almost 3 million bottles annually.

Half finished beverage is supplemented with alcohol,burnt sugar, juices, brandy, after which its characteristic color appears. After bottling, the drink is still for six months insisted in ceramic ware, which protects the contents from sunlight and sudden temperature changes.

Subtlety of use

Riga balsam price

Riga balsams are appropriate to be added to coffee orjust drink with it. If a small amount of alcoholic beverage is added to the tea, you will get a kind of grog. Best balm is "revealed" in hot drinks, because its formulation was invented in the cold country. But in hot weather a pile of Riga balsam with blackcurrant juice and ice with a mouthful of appetizing ice cream ball will be a real discovery for gourmets.

Beverage Properties

A large number of components is a featuredrink: Riga balsams are saturated with mineral substances, organic acids, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, glucosides, etc. Balsam helps to cope with overwork, fatigue after stress. As a means to stimulate appetite, balm is consumed before meals.

It is also recommended for calming the body intime of nervous excitability and in cases of sleep disorders. But a rich composition can be dangerous for people prone to allergies - before using, you need to make sure that the human body does not react to any of the components.


We should not even think about the question,whether it is necessary to replenish your collection of alcohol with such a worthy specimen as Riga balsam: the price will pleasantly surprise you. This amazing drink is presented in stores at an affordable price - a half-liter bottle costs only about 700 rubles.

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