In modern times, a huge number of peoplehave diabetes mellitus, which is manifested in the violation of insulin action due to changes in fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism. In general, type 2 diabetes mellitus is found in 90% of patients, it leads to disruption of the development of organs and systems of the human body, in particular blood vessels, eyes, heart and kidneys. Diabetes does not have clear age boundaries and can develop at almost any age, the disease begins its manifestation with increased body weight, when blood sugar levels rise in blood. In a person who has a disease like type 2 diabetes, insulin is produced, but he is not able to absorb glucose from the blood. The reason for the development of this type of diabetes is the decrease in the receptors of cells to react to insulin, as a result of which the pancreas reproduces a large number. There are several factors contributing to the emergence of diabetes:

1. During puberty, growth hormones provoke a change in the response of cells to insulin;

2. Women are more likely to develop this disease;

3. Obesity;

4. Presence of racial differences.

It should be understood that type 2 diabetes does not have hereditary prerequisites, it is not transmitted by any means. To establish the exact reasons for its occurrence is not possible today.

Doctors say, type 2 diabetesthe symptoms are ambiguous. If the disease develops for many years, doctors recommend to carry out treatment with insulin or hypoglycemic drugs. However, this disease can not be completely cured, because these drugs help to lower blood sugar for a short time, so soon you have to resort to injections of insulin, which can trigger the development of obesity, heart attack or stroke, cancer, which in turn affect on the perception of the body of insulin.

In general, the signs of the development of this disease include:

- thirst and hunger;

- frequent urination with an increase in the amount of urine;

- change in the weight of a person;

- location to infectious diseases;

- visual impairment and slow healing of wounds;

- Numbness of the extremities.

When diagnosing type 2 diabetes, it is necessary to investigateblood and urine tests for the level of sugar content in them. In frequent cases, the person finds out about the presence of the disease after a long time interval from the beginning of its development, at the moment when complications arose.

Treatment of diabetes is usually begun with eliminationsymptoms of the disease, as well as follow the metabolism, prevent the emergence of complications, an important point is adherence to a special diet, compliance with the dosage of physical exertion, self-monitoring is important here. Those with diabetes mellitus type 2, the food should be reviewed, eliminating from the diet products that contain carbohydrates. If the diet does not work, medications are prescribed to reduce blood sugar levels.

Principles of diet:

1. Do not tolerate foods that contain carbohydrates.

2. Take small meals more than five times a day.

3. Eat foods, half of which contains vegetable fats.

Adhering to a strict diet, you can treat the disease without using medication.

In general, type 2 diabetes is aa common disease, the treatment of which is possible without the use of medication, you should only strictly adhere to a certain diet. With prolonged illness, antidiabetic medications are used, which must be used only once a day.

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