diabetes mellitus in children
In those days when physicians did not yet know aboutinsulin, diabetes in children resulted in the death of the patient in a few months, a maximum of a couple of years. Fortunately, today's level of development of the medical case allows to avoid such tragic consequences. An important role in improving the situation is played by early diagnosis of the disease. That's why not only doctors, but parents need to know how diabetes begins. Symptoms in a child can be noticed first by adults who live next to them.

What is diabetes mellitus?

This disease is chronic. The endocrine system suffers with it, and the cause is the deficiency of the hormone of the pancreas - insulin. Why is it needed? The fact is that it is with the help of insulin that glucose enters the cells of the body - the main source of their nutrition. As a result, blood sugar rises in the blood, and this cell does not reach the cells, which not only deprives them of energy, but also prevents the blood from performing its functions to deliver oxygen to organs and tissues.

Types of diabetes mellitus

Insulin acts at any degree of type 1 diabetes mellitus
Allocate diabetes of the first and second type. They differ not only because of the occurrence, but also according to forecasts, and also on the methods of treatment.

The first type is caused by a lack of insulin: it is produced little and is not enough to process all the glucose that has entered the blood. In such a course of the disease, daily insulin injections are necessary.

The second type of diabetes develops when the hormone is enough, but it is not perceived by the tissues for one reason or another.

Signs visible to parents

What is different about children's diabetes? Symptoms in the child appear suddenly and do not have a logical explanation. Parents can notice excessive urine output, a strong thirst that does not go away, even if the child is constantly drinking, and an increased appetite that can lead, contrary to logic, not to obesity, but to weight loss. These are signs of type 1 diabetes. They usually develop rapidly, and it is very important to pay attention to them in time and consult with a doctor.

Insulin-independentdiabetes. Symptoms in a child can be as follows: itching, permanent rashes on the skin, suppuration, dry mouth, decreased tone, lethargy. Sometimes visual acuity is disturbed, bleeding gums begin to bleed.

How does diabetes mellitus manifest itself: the symptoms of a child seen by a doctor

diabetes mellitus in children
The main symptom of diabetes, whichoriented medicine, you can consider increased blood sugar. The consequence of this is other signs. Glucose appears in the urine. Often there is an increase in the liver, mental disorders are possible.

Diabetes mellitus: therapy

The first type of illness is treated with insulin injections. This therapy is of a supportive nature. It is carried out constantly, only the magnitude of the dose is regulated.

Diet is also actively used: from the menu, products with a sugar content or simple carbohydrates that can trigger a sharp jump in blood glucose are excluded.

Be attentive to well-being and behavioryour baby, so as not to miss the signs that may indicate the development of the initial degree of diabetes. In such a situation it is better to show increased vigilance: once again pass the laboratory tests and make sure that everything is fine.

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