Irina Gogunskaya (Mairko) is the wife of the famous Russian actor Vitaly Gogunsky, a model and just a beautiful girl. She has repeatedly participated in various beauty contests.

Irina Gogunskaya

Irina Gogunskaya: biography

The girl was born on October 18, 1986 in the cityCherepovets, which is located in the Vologda region. Irina graduated from the school in her native city. After school I went to St. Petersburg, where I entered the St. Petersburg University of Engineering and Economics. At this time, the girl actively participated in beauty contests of different levels, and also built a career model.

Career and personal life models

In 2007 at the Russian beauty contest IrinaGogugnskaya represented her hometown. It is worth noting that the girl performed at this contest quite successfully and was awarded the title "Miss perfection". Irina's attire has amazed all spectators, and she even received the award.

In 2008 Irina moved to Moscow and took part in one more beauty contest. In the contest "Miss Moscow" the girl was awarded the title "Miss Magnificence".

Irina Gogunskaya biography

In 2010, the girl participated in the contest "MissMaxim. "Irina Mairko and Vitaly Gogunsky also played a wedding in 2010. Irina's husband is a well-known Russian actor, thanks to the role of a student from the series" Univer. "Actor entered the VGIK at the acting department in 2003. But it was for Vitaliy is not only an actor, but also a talented singer, composer and producer.

After the divorce from her husband, the girl decided not to participate in beauty contests anymore, but to go to get a second higher education. For this, she decided to choose the sphere of design.

Interesting facts from the life of Irina

  • The whole country learned the girl not because of competitions, but because of the novel with the star of the youth series "Univer" - Vitaly Gogunsky.
  • In 2010 Irina married Vitaly and took his name.
  • In marriage, the spouses did not live very long and afterdaughter's birth divorced. After marriage, Vitaly had an unsuccessful novel, after which he returned to Irina. At the moment the couple live together and raise a daughter to Milan.
  • With her future husband, the girl met on the set of the series "Univer", where she played an episodic role.
  • Irina Gogunskaya loves poetry and modern music.
  • This lovely couple has a daughter of Milan, whowas born in 2010. Milan, despite her small age, has repeatedly participated in various programs on television and surprised the audience with her talents. For example, the girl together with Vitali performed on the show "One to One!", And two years later she took part in the show "MaximMaksim", where her teacher was Alla Pugacheva. Milan is fond of musical instruments, dances and singing.

Irina Mairko and Vitaly Gogunsky

Irina Gogunskaya is a very beautiful girl, this isproves her repeated successful participation in beauty contests. Irina coped with all the difficulties that her life brought to her, and she managed to achieve the most important thing in life - to build a strong and happy family.

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