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Beautiful girl, talented singer and widowone of the most famous Russian chansonnier Mikhail Krug. What does her biography contain? Irina Krug was born in 1976. A girl from Chelyabinsk wanted to become an actress, from school years she was engaged in a theatrical circle. She met Michael in 1999 at his solo concert, then the Circle invited her to work as a dressmaker in his team, but the girl refused. Later Mikhail again visited with a tour of Chelyabinsk and took Irina with him to Moscow. The year they worked together, and only after a while Michael began to take care of the girl, regularly gave her flowers, gifts, surrounded by attention, caress and care.

What is in their family biography? Irina Krug remembers with warmth the time when Michael showed her the first signs of attention. She says that their relationship did not develop rapidly, they gradually got used to each other, and love came only after the young people began to live together. They were married in 2001, it happened unplanned. On the statement to the administrator that they need to sign as quickly as possible, in the registry office they reacted calmly and stamps in the passports of the newlyweds. A year later the heir, Alexander, appeared in the family.

The family idyll was short-lived. In 2002, something happened, after which it would never look like her previous family biography. Irina Krug lost her husband. In summer, an armed attack was carried out on their house, the head of the family received a gunshot wound and died. For many years the police could not find a gang that brutally dealt with Mikhail. In 2008, Irina was identified by one of the gang leaders, but it was not possible to prove his guilt.

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Irina Krug is now one of the mostpopular women performing songs in the style of chanson. The first songs are recorded in memory of her husband. In 2004, the singer released her debut album, and in 2006 she released a second album titled "To You, My Last Love". Irina's songs in a short time became mega-popular. Her compositions for many years are hits of radio stations, and clips and concerts are broadcast by television.

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Year of birth of Irina as a singer - 2004: then she became popular thanks to her late husband. Now Irina is an independent creative unit. She toured Russia and recorded new compositions.

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In 2006, the singer remarried. Her chosen one was the businessman Sergey, with whom they met in Tver. The marriage of the lovers was also blessed by the parents of the singer herself, and by the relatives of Mikhail Krug. The son of the late singer and Irina's daughter from their first husband (not Mikhail) also have a good attitude towards Sergei.

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Until now, the whole country mourns for untimelythe departed chanson Mikhail Krug. The photos of the once happy and happy family are still popular and can be found in social networks and magazines. Now Irina lives happily in marriage, raising children and doing creative work. Despite the fact that her biography keeps many secrets, Irina Krug will always be the favorite of the audience and a tender mother.

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