Irina Saponaru - a girl with magnificent externaldata and an amazing sense of humor. She has participated in a number of major television projects in Russia and Ukraine. Want to know the details of the biography and personal life of a blonde? The necessary information can be found in the article.

Irina Saponaru

Irina Saponaru: biography

She was born on October 22, 1987 in the Ukrainian city of Chernivtsi. A girl from an ordinary family. She has Romanian roots. Irina's father and mother have nothing to do with show business.

Our heroine from an early age demonstrated creative abilities. Irina liked to draw, sing and dance. Saponaru, the youngest, regularly arranged home concerts.

In 1994, the girl went to first grade. Irina Saponaru, whose biography we are studying, studied well. Teachers praised her for her desire for knowledge and exemplary behavior.


At the end of high school Irina Saponaruwent to the city of Vinnitsa. There she entered the National University. Yu. Fedkovych. She was considered one of the best female students on the course. Our heroine was a member of the local team of KVN. The blonde was confidently holding on to the stage and she was jokingly.

Irina Saponaru biography


Soon the team "Vinnytsia Peppers" was invited to theMoscow. The guys performed with dignity on the main stage of the KVN. People who were in the hall, gave them a loud applause. It was then that she realized that the main vocation of her life is a scene.

Today Irina Saponaru is a mediapersonality. The blonde regularly takes part in the humorous show "Do not Sleep" (TNT). It is in demand in Ukraine. In his native country is the transfer of "Krayina U".

Personal life

Irina Saponaru - tall blonde with chiselfigure and a lovely face. She never had problems with a lack of male attention. And in school years, and during studies at the university, the boys were courted by her. But the girl was in no hurry to build a serious relationship. She wanted to get an education and a profession first, and then start a family.

In Irina's life there were several dizzyingnovels. However, the blonde is still unmarried. She has no children. It is possible that in the near future the situation will radically change, because in August 2015, on her page in Instagram, the girl laid out joint photos with her beloved man.

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