Today we will tell you who is Ortman Irina. Without a make-up photo of this pop singer is of great interest. It is attached to this material. Our heroine is known as the former soloist of "Tootsie". Since 2010 she is a solo artist.


Ortman irina
Ortman Irina was born in 1978, 22July. Her homeland is the Altai city of Zarinsk. Comes from a musician's family. Our nationality is German. Childhood of the future singer was held in Altai. He has been singing since he was 4 years old. As a child Ortman Irina participated, as well as won at numerous regional and all-Russian competitions of performers. The first album of our heroine - "I want to be a star" - was recorded in the walls of her father's music studio. Some compositions were written by Irina personally. In particular, our heroine is the author of the song "Somewhere Out there," which she performed in the tour of the "Star Factory".


Ortman Irina became a student of Barnaulmusical college, as well as the Moscow College of Arts. In 1997 the singer went to Moscow. Later she collaborated with the theater of pop songs Renata Ibragimova, collectives A. Buinova and A. Malinin, the group "White Eagle", auditioned for one of the roles of the musical "Dracula". In 1999 she took part in the casting in the team "Brilliant". In 2003, our heroine performed in the semifinal of the contest called "New Wave", which was held in Jurmala. In 2003 she became a finalist of the "Star Factory" project.

Fame and personal life

Ortman irina without makeup photo

Ortman Irina joined the "Tootsie" group. In addition to her, Masha Weber, Nastya Krainova and Lesya Yaroslavskaya got into the collective. The band together with our heroine recorded a number of hits, which were included in two albums "Cappuccino" and "The Very-Most." In 2005, the singer studied at the music faculty of the Institute of Contemporary Art. Her specialty is pop and jazz singing.

In 2008, the performer married. Her choice was businessman Vladimir Perevozchikov. With the future husband, our heroine met two years earlier. It happened during the tour of Nizhny Novgorod. In 2014 the singer divorced Perevozchikov.

Since 2010 acts as a solo artist. According to her, she grew up in the group. In 2010, the plot of our heroine became part of the documentary "Neighbors". In 2012, she took part in the third season of an extreme TV show called "Cruel Games". Later, she played in the Russian team in the project "Big Race". In 2012, she took part in the creation of the youth song of Barnaul, as well as shooting the video for him.

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