In the ancient Russian city of Ryazan in July 1966the future actress Irina Rozanova was born. Her biography began with the appearance of a provincial family of actors. Her mother, Zoya Belova, was once invited to work for one of the Moscow theaters, but refused to do so and followed in the wilderness after the director, who, in her opinion, was very similar to Stanislavsky. In the Ryazan theater, she met Yuri Rozanov, for whom she subsequently married.

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All children have actors passing childhood, you cansay the same - most of the time they spend behind the scenes. Irina Rozanova did not become an exception. Her biography from an early childhood was inextricably linked with the theater, where she learned to make independent decisions. So, at 6 years old, the girl learned the role of Vesta from "Jenny Gerhard." She went to the director of the theater and offered to play it in the play. And a miracle happened - her creative biography began! Irina Rozanova first appeared on the stage of the theater.

Parents, knowing all the shady aspects of the profession,tried to protect her daughter from her. They decided to direct her interest in music, and therefore gave up studying in a music school. Only it was too late, Ira had already "fallen ill" with hypocrisy. After leaving the school, she went to Moscow to enter GITIS. But the girl did not manage to subdue him at once, she had to return home. She went to work as a make-up artist and costumier in the Ryazan theater, and participated in extras in parallel.

irina rozanova biography

The next academic year has come, for it is importantonly an actor's biography. Irina Rozanova again goes to GITIS and enters the course of Oscar Remez. After graduating in 1984, she receives an invitation to the Mayakovsky Theater. In it, she works until 1988, then goes to the theater studio "Man". And in 1991 she went to the theater in Malaya Bronnaya. Having worked there for 7 years, Irina moves to Lenkom, where she remains only for 1 year. In all, she worked at the theaters for 15 years, and during that time her theatrical biography was filled with the most diverse roles. Irina Rozanova played Iru in the play "Blonde", Isabella in "Illusion", Nastasya Filippovna in "Idiot", Goneril in "King Lear", Lizanka in "Puchin" and so on.

Since 1985 she began her film acting biography. Irina Rozanova debuted for the first time in the film "My girlfriend", where she played Limitschitsu Lyusya. In general, the beginning of her film career was in perestroika time, then many even venerable actors left in the shadows. But Irina is one of those people who prefer fatigue from any job to lack of roles. She was filming a lot, she has more than 120 works on her account, among which there are also successful ones, and, as they say, checkpoints.

actress Irina Rozanova biography

Among her memorable works is the role ofValentina in the comedy "Where is the nofelet?" (1987). She appears there for only a few minutes, but during this time creates a whole image of a slightly rough and strong woman. Also successful was her work in the film "For the Beautiful Ladies" (1989) by the young director Anatoly Eyramdzhan. In the same year, her vulgar Sima Gulliver from Todorovsky's "Interdevochka" was also remembered. In 1992 Irina withdrew in another work of this director, where she will play a nurse Lyuba, in the film "Anchor, still an anchor!". Successful can be called such pictures as "The Children of Monday", the series "Petersburg Secrets" and its sequel "The Denouement of St. Petersburg Secrets". And, of course, one of the last works - the role of Furtseva in the eponymous series.

Irina Rozanova is one of those people who sometimesa furious rhythm like to stop and go, for example, to the forest for mushrooms or with a fishing rod for fishing. Sometimes she even thinks about quitting, settling in a small village and living a natural economy. And while the actress continues to work, she learns to forgive people for their grievances and tries to apologize to those who are offended ...

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