Irina Bezrukova was born on April 11, 1965. in the city of Rostov-on-Don. Her dad was a musician, and her mother was a medical worker. Irina and her sister Olga from early childhood were fond of playing various musical instruments. After the separation of her parents, Irina's mother died. After that, the sisters were brought up by my grandmother. Biography Irina Bezrukova as an artist began in 1990, when after graduating from the Rostov School of Arts, she moved to Moscow and began to perform at the Tabakov Theater. Beginning artist immediately noticed eminent filmmakers. Thus began her new, acting life.

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Irina Bezrukova's biography as film actressesstarted in 1991, when she performed the role of the bride in the film "When the brides are late in the registry office." The role was so successful that her photographs often appeared on the covers of magazines. Irina Bezrukova, whose biography has always been interested in the general public, has become famous for her roles in such well-known films as "Richard the Lionheart", "Knight Kenneth." Also famous for her work in the films "Delusion", "Countess de Monsoro."

Love of all life

In 1988 Irina Bezrukova's biography was enlargedmeeting with her future husband, Sergei Bezrukov, on the set of the film "Crusader-2". After the shooting, Sergei left a note to Irina with her coordinates and the signature "I'm waiting," but the girl for a long time did not dare to call the artist. In the end, Irina decided to make a call, what boundlessly pleased Sergei. The whole country, with bated breath, watched their novel. Irina Bezrukova, whose biography was interested in all the media, was under the vigilant control of journalists, who also fueled the interest of the general public for this pair. The yellow press constantly poured oil on the fire because of the ambiguous relations of the fatal beauty. Irina Bezrukova, whose photos at that time were dotted on all the covers of glossy magazines, was married to Igor Livanov. The new joint work of Irina and Sergei took place on the set of the comedy "Chinese service". In 2000 the Bezrukov family was formed.

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The Bezrukovs lived together, together with Irina's sonfirst marriage to Andrei. He, in turn, for some time worked in the troupe of the musical "Nord-Ost", but, happily, retired for some time before the loud tragedy. Irina and Sergey continued to co-star in the films "Office", "Love.Ru". And in 2003, Irina Bezrukova's biography was supplemented by joint filming with her husband in the famous TV series "Plot". And in the movie, the couple played themselves, that is, the husband and wife. Sergey, having learned that under the script the spouses will have to quarrel, at first refused to shoot, but after learning that they did reconcile, he agreed to the shooting.

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Fans of creativity Bezrukova can see herin the joint with her husband films "Yesenin" and "Real Tale". Irina Bezrukova took part in carrying the Olympic flame through Moscow in 2004 as a torchbearer. She also participated in the filming of the famous telecast "The Keys from Fort Bayard." In 2008, the couple acted together as the leaders at the first celebration of the Day of Love, Family and Fidelity in Russia. In 2009, Bezrukova joined the Board of Trustees of the Renaissance Foundation, which provides assistance to children with disabilities.

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