Irina Rodnina (biography, personal life,nationality athletes see below) - the legendary Soviet figure skater, never lost at international competitions. In this regard, it was included in the Guinness Book. On the athlete's account 10 titles at the World Championships and three Olympic gold. In this article I will present a brief biography of Irina Rodnina. So, let's get started.


Irina Rodnina was born in Moscow in 1949. The girl's mother was a medical worker. Father also served as a military man. As for the nationality of Irina, she is Jewish in the line of the mother.

It is noteworthy that just health problemsand predetermined the fate of the girl. As a child, she often had pneumonia, and the doctors advised her parents to give the little Rodnina to some sports section. The main thing is that the classes there were held outdoors. It was winter, so parents had to choose from figure skating and skis. The decision came instantly, because next to the Rodnins' house was an excellent ice rink.

Over time, Irina's mother noticed the girl's zeal anddecided to write it in the section. The first mentor of the heroine of this article was Yakov Smushin. Then there were a few more trainers, while the girl did not get to the section of CSKA to the Czech specialists - Sonya and Milosława Balun.

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Carier start

In 1964 Stanislav Zhuk became the mentor of Irina. The girl then barely passed 15 years. We can say that from that moment the sports biography of Irina Rodnina began. The partner of the figure skater was Ulanov Alexey. The pair practiced a lot and after three years at the tournament "Moscow skates" won its first gold. And a year later, Alex and Irina received bronze medals at the USSR Championship.

International success came to young athletesin 1969 at the European Championships. In a short program Rodnina and Ulanov took the 2nd place, but eventually they gathered and won the competition. Irina was immediately awarded the title of "Honored Master of Sports". At the same time, the skaters managed to win gold at the World Championships. And in 1972 Irina and Alexey came to success at the Olympic Games.

After this, the couple stopped cooperating, soAs Ulanov preferred to ride with his wife. There was a time when the sports biography of Irina Rodnina, a figure skater with a world-wide name, could end. The girl seriously thought about leaving. The sportswoman was dissuaded from this by the instructor Stanislav Zhuk. He quickly found Irina a new partner. They became a young Alexander Zaitsev. The skaters immediately worked together. Rodnina very quickly mastered all complex elements with Zaitsev. A year later, the pair won the European Championship, skirting the duet of Smirnov-Ulanov.

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Care of Tarasova

In 1974, Alexander Zaitsev and Irina Rodnina(biography, figure skater's personal life was already actively discussed in the media) made a historic decision. They changed their mentor and went to Tatiana Tarasova. Many people still do not understand the reasons for such an act. Irina herself in one of the interviews said that the main motive was the attitude. Tarasova communicated with her athletes on equal terms, and the Beetle became a despot.

New victories

Tatyana Anatolievna brought Zaytsev andRodnina is more artistic. At the Olympics-76 the new program just won all the judges. Despite a few blots during the performance, all the referees scored quite high scores. Thus, the heroine of this article once again became an Olympic champion.

In 1980, Western journalists and figure skatersThey exerted colossal pressure on Rodnina and Zaitsev. The couple were accused of using banned items. In this regard, Tarasova even had to remove several support from the Olympic program. Alexander and Irina successfully coped with the pressure and flawlessly rolled back both performances. This brought Rodnina the third Olympic gold. At the awards ceremony she could not hold back tears. Subsequently, her photo with tear-stained eyes was bypassed by virtually all the world's media.

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After the sport

After completing his career, Irina Rodnina (biography,the personal life of the figure skater is known to all her fans) engaged in coaching and teaching activities. In 1990, the heroine of this article left for the United States, where she began working with young athletes. In Russia, Irina Konstantinovna returned only 12 years later and decided to take up politics.

In 2003, at the elections to the State Duma, shehis candidacy. But the former skater failed to go to parliament. 2007 is the year when the political biography of Irina Rodnina began. She was elected on the list of the party "United Russia". In addition, Rodnina actively participated in the public life of the Russian Federation. It was she, along with Vladislav Tretiak, who was entrusted with an honorable mission - to light a fire at the Winter Olympics in Sochi.

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Personal life

Biography Irina Rodnina would be incomplete withoutillumination of this moment. The figure skater got married two times. The first elected athlete was a partner in skating - Zaitsev Alexander. From him, Irina Konstantinovna gave birth to a son named Sasha. Now he has become an adult man and works as a ceramist.

Entrepreneur Leonid Minsky became the second wife of Rodnina. In 1986, the couple had a daughter, Alain. At the moment the girl lives in the USA and works on television.

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