On the 30th of July last year the magnificent Irina Alexandrovna Wiener celebrated her jubilee. Today we would like to tell you a little about this amazing woman.

Irina Wiener: biography, nationality

biography irina viner
Thirty-th of July, one thousand nine hundred and forty-eightyear in the city of Samarkand, a beautiful girl was born in the Jewish family of the artist and doctor, who was destined to become the head coach of the national team of a huge country in rhythmic gymnastics. AE Viner, People's Artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and the doctor Zoya Zinovyevna Viner called her daughter Irina. The girl grew up surrounded by the love of her close people - her parents and her brother. Creativity of the father developed in the talented girl the refined and refined taste, and kindness and sympathy of mum - love and the respectful relation to people.

As well as at many children of that time, sportsIrina Viner's biography began to develop in the dance circle of the city Palace of Pioneers in Tashkent. Then there were rhythmic gymnastics classes. Her coach was the champion of Leningrad, the famous Eleonora Sumarokova and Lilia Petrova. Three times Irina became the champion of Uzbekistan. In 1966 she brilliantly (with a gold medal) graduated from high school and easily entered the Uzbek Institute of Physical Culture.

Work experience
viner irina biography

Biography of Irina Wiener is inextricably linked withartistic gymnastics. Since 1969, Irina Alexandrovna began to work in the Youth Olympic Reserve in Tashkent. Twenty years (1972-1992), she worked in this city - first coach of the city team, and a little later she was offered the position of coach of the national team of Uzbekistan. Her "starry" pupils were Vera Shatalina, Elena Kholodova, Venus Zaripova, Marina Nikolaeva. For special merits Irina Alexandrovna was awarded the title of Honored coach of Uzbekistan.

Biography Irina Viner knows a lot of big and smallvictories. Before the Olympics in Barcelona, ​​she worked simultaneously as the national coach of Great Britain. Thanks to her efforts, Viva Siferet and Debi Southwick first climb the Olympic podium.

Coach of the national team

Right after the Barcelona Olympics Irina Wiener,whose biography consists of some victories, was invited to Moscow, where she took the post of coach of the Russian national team. And again the famous teacher educates Olympic champions and gold and silver winners of major international competitions - Alina Kabaeva, Olga Belova, Julia Barsukova, Natalia Lipkovskaya.

Viner Irina: biography, personal life

irina viner biography nationality
Of course, the name of this woman is associated in the firstturn with the sport. But the biography of Irina Wiener consists not only of sports victories. The personal life of this amazing woman has developed happily. Her husband Alisher Usmanov is a famous and successful businessman. They met in their early youth, in the gym. He was fond of fencing, she - rhythmic gymnastics. The husband is a reliable support of Irina Alexandrovna. Both believe that this is a great happiness, that fate has given them to each other.

In a happy marriage, Anton's son was born. Now he and his family live in Moscow. After graduating from high school, he received a brilliant education in Germany, England, USA. Now he is the owner of the clubs "Sun City" and the sponsor of all my mother's events.

Unbeatable coach, strong strong-willed person andjust a very beautiful woman Irina Wiener, whose biography demonstrates dedication and devotion to the beloved, once chosen case, is a vivid example for imitation.

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