Meaning of the name Irina

The origin of the name Irina is by no means Slavic,it draws its roots from distant Greece. The forefather of the name was the man's Greek name Irenaeus, which means "peaceful." Owners of this name are characterized by strong-willed character and independence.

Character formation in Irina

Best name Irina is combined with a signZodiac Sagittarius, complex inner world and character of the owner are an excellent addition to Sagittarius. The meaning of the name Irina includes a strong-willed character, independence, the desire to be needed and in every way achieved this. Since the childhood of the owner of a name differ unusual mental abilities, study is given to them easily, good memory plays a considerable role in it. From a young age, they are fond of detective and fiction literature. The meaning of the name Irina is quite interesting, since you are unlikely to see this woman watching soap operas with tears in her eyes. Straight, she's even a bit harsh, she always expresses her opinion if she does not like something. In the company of men Irina feels confident, as if "at ease," but among women she is a little lost, it becomes inconspicuous, even boring. Characteristics of the name Irina does not end there, she is quite communicative, quickly finds a common language with strangers, and among her acquaintances she is very much appreciated for her sense of humor and sharp mind.

Family life of Irina

Origin of the name Irina

In choosing a loved one, Irina is veryit is characterized by amorousness. The preservation of independence and dignity always comes first. The meaning of the name Irina quite influences her family life. In the family Irina is independent, she does not devote herself to family cares, washing, cooking, etc. For her the presence of her untouchable space is important, she will gladly give reins reign to her husband. For her, the main thing is to be loved and to feel loved by your loved one. If the husband does not appreciate her, Irina is even capable of treason, but divorce is rarely enough. Because of her love for stability and order, she prefers to stay in the family. The meaning of the name Irina influences her attitude to the upbringing of children. The owner of the name prefers to keep up with the times, therefore all the innovations in pedagogy are known to her and are used in the upbringing of children.

Characteristics of the name Irina

Career of Irina

In the workplace Irina is appreciated. She is hardworking, purposeful, sociable, which easily helps her make new acquaintances. Therefore, Irina is more suited to work with people than with paper. Among the colleagues Irina enjoys authority, they respect her for her cheerfulness and fun, and the authorities appreciate Irina for her endless diligence. She does not cease to study even at work: she constantly reads new literature and develops.

The meaning of the name Irina affects the choice of work,because she can master one specialty at an educational institution, then make every effort to work in a completely different direction, and ultimately settle down for a completely different job. Most of all, Irina will suit the profession of a journalist, teacher, doctor, manager.

As for health, Irina should take care of her nerves and do not overdo it at work, less to worry about. Also, problems with vision are possible. Irina is inclined to fullness.

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