Ethnic top model, achieved worldpopularity, has gone to an incredibly difficult journey to achieve its goal. Exotic appearance of the girl attracted great attention to her famous designers, leaving an indelible impression.

Carier start

Becoming a real discovery in the world of high fashionIrina Pantaeva was born in Buryatia in 1967. She told me that her grandfather was a hereditary shaman who could summon spirits. He even before the birth of the girl asked them to send him a beautiful granddaughter. And I must say that the spirits heard his entreaties, and the girl from the very childhood had an attractive appearance. She even helped her grandfather perform rituals, but for all her requests to predict the future, the grandfather remained silent. Only with age Irina realizes that everyone creates his own destiny himself.

irina pantaeva

1988 is becoming a landmark for the girl,who won the beauty contest. Realizing that in her native city, she will not reach any heights, Irina strives to conquer Moscow. There the energetic and bright beauty is noticed by the directors, offering her the roles in almost ten films.

Job in Moscow

Irina Pantayeva, whose biography took shape inthe capital of Russia is very dramatic, gets to the fashion theater of designer-avant-garde I. Molchanova. She recalls that after the work, no one expected her, but she spent the night with strangers. The girl was risking, but she had no other choice-she sent her main part of her earnings to her parents. Irina was worried about her career, because she had no right to return home with anything.

Lagerfeld's favorite

In 1991 exotic appearance of the Buryatattracts the organizers of the collection of P. Cardin, and she is invited to work as a model. A year later, Irina goes to Paris to try her hand, but no agency is interested in recruiting a girl with Asian appearance, because the models of the European type reigned on the podiums and glamor magazines.

irina pantaeva biography

Disappointed Irina Pantaeva settles downwork as a dressmaker and a housekeeper. However, the girl does not lose hope and visits in his spare time all the castings. Learning about a new set of models for the famous K. Lagerfeld, who in Paris was considered a god, Pantaeva bypasses all obstacles and gets acquainted with the master personally. Not knowing the French well, she explains with gestures and considers it a real miracle that the designer believed in her, and the next day an unusual model was already shining in his show.

Irina often remembers how she was offended bycastings, pointing out her nationality and saying that such a flat face will not attract a single famous fashion designer. She still thanks Lagerfeld for believing in her, considering professional qualities in a fragile and tall girl. Pantayev is one of the permanent models of the designer's house of the famous couturier along with K. Schiffer and N. Campbell.

A new round of career in New York

Successful Irina Pantaeva, photo of which appearsin all fashion editions, after a few years he leaves to work in New York, receiving a higher theatrical education there. She confidently combines the career of a popular fashion model and actress and believes that the 90s were the best in her destiny. Shooting in advertising campaigns, numerous photo sessions help the beauty with unusual appearance to occupy her niche among the top models.

A natural success

Irina Pantaeva considers her success quitenatural: "I received refusals, but for me they did not become a reason to give up their plans. I knock on the door more than once, and several, and wait for them to open. But you have to be ready and know exactly what you really want. "

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She tells how in New York it's literallytorn apart designers, offering incredible contracts, and I'm sure that popularity was the result of her painstaking and constant work on yourself.

New projects

In the late 90's, at the peak of its stellarcareer, Irina Pantayeva leaves the modeling business, focusing on other projects: "For me, working on the podium was never a priority. Rather, it can be called my business card. I realized that every person on the globe has a purpose, and mine is associated only with ecology. I want to preserve nature and water on Earth. "

In 2012, Pantaeva brings to Ulan-Udecurious for the audience a beautiful show in which she talks about an environmental disaster, hoping that the presentation will make everyone think about the attitude to their land and everything that surrounds a person.

Dreams Come True

48-year-old Irina Pantayeva, besidesenvironmental activities, is engaged in the creation of jewelry and supports the Buryat drama theater. She really likes the phrase popular in America, saying that a person who has become famous in one minute has been going to this success all his life. She rightly believes that this expression is applicable to her.

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Irina Pantaeva explains to everyone that dreamsonly those who work hard work. Fame and crazy popularity have not changed a woman, she respects national traditions, never forgetting her roots.

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