The art of tattooing is thriving these days. There is an increasing number of masters, qualitatively performing their work. Increased and the number of their customers who want to emphasize their individuality with a stylish design. Uninitiated difficult to understand the variety of styles and choose the most suitable for the implementation of their own designs. Let's try to figure out, for example, what is "blackwark" (tattoo)?

Description of the style

Blackwark Tattoos

It is enough to translate the original English-speakingthe name Blackwork in Russian, and it becomes clear that this is a predominance of black color. Indeed, for these tattoos, only this paint is used. It is also assumed that there are large spots, but this is an optional condition. In fact, "Blackwark" (tattoo) is the complete opposite of realism in the art of applying images to the skin. The style does not have strict limitations: drawings can be large or small, located on any part of the body. If you look at the "blackwalk" (tattoo), sketches and ready-made works, you will notice that the lines meet both smooth and strict.

Related Directions

Blackwark echoes in its mood withsuch directions as: "neotrabalism", ethnic tattoos and "artwork". There is much in common with this style and with "black and gray", but their relationship is a contentious issue. "Blackwark" (tattoo) is also called a modern black tattoo. Curious is the fact that the classic drawings are in many respects similar to the traditional Polynesian motifs. Despite its simplicity, the style is very popular these days. Ready tattoos look stylish and interesting. The absence of bright colors allows you to look more attentively at the plot.

Interesting Facts

Blackwark tattoo sketches

The easiest way to disguise skin defectsor to cut off the bored tattoo - to make "blackwark" (tattoo). Drawing in one color is not at all difficult, and many who wish to decorate their body come to the tattoo parlor with their own sketches created. If you want to design in this style, you can have absolutely any image, which means that the space for creativity is unlimited. Pay attention to the "Blackwark" (tattoo) - sketches in the photos. Here you can see anything: from simple squares and circles to complex ornaments or detailed plotted plot compositions. It is widely believed that the blackwall uses one color. In fact, it is possible to create shadows. Technically, similar elements of the image are worked out pointwise the main color, but some masters do add a little bit of a different color.

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