In different countries of the world the art of tattoos was bornindependently of each other. At the same time, there is some difference between them: people with white skin stuffed the signs, and with the dark - scars, made themselves cuts on the face and body, thereby creating an intricate relief. Tattooing was not only a decoration of a man, but also a sign of the tribe.

sketches of a tattoo on the neck

The choice of brave people

Approximately 22% of the world's populationsalons regularly scan sketches of tattoo for applying on the neck - the most sensitive place of the body, because there is practically no fat layer.

The choice should be conscious, because they are notwashed away! Girls, if necessary, can cover the picture on the back of the head with loose hair. Men tend to cut their hair short, so a pattern full of leather will always be visible.

Drawing on the side of the neck, stylishlooks on guys with the right features. Symmetrical tattoos on both sides look spectacular and unusual. Drawings on the neck are filled with bold and creative personalities who want to stand out from the crowd, thereby emphasizing their individuality.

Of course, before you stuff a picture, you need tocarefully choose it or draw sketches. Tattoo on the neck is done for many years. The process should be approached with particular seriousness. Inscriptions on the neck are better to choose those that will reflect not only the inner world, but the aspirations of the owner. At the girl the image on a neck looks more romantic and gently. A man on the contrary, makes him brutal.

Romantic and refined: sketches of a neck tattoo for girls

The ladies prefer to fill in drawings on the back of the head oron the side. More often these are small images or inscriptions. Men, by the way, consider this decoration very sexy. Bold nature choose voluminous tattoos that descend to the décolleté area or to the shoulder blades.

Girls often choose:

  • notes;
  • flowers;
  • hieroglyphs;
  • a flock of birds or butterflies;
  • symbols of elements;
  • image of the full moon. It is considered a symbol of femininity.

In the trend, a tattoo for girls imitating a lace that wraps around the neck. Masters offer to put them in a fashionable watercolor technique.

Sketches of neck tattoos for men

Strong sex selects tattoos, the symbolism of which emphasizes their masculinity, speaks of the life position.

The most common drawings on the neck of men:

  • Celtic crosses;
  • skull;
  • sharks;
  • scorpions;
  • Japanese or Chinese characters;
  • tattoo inscriptions.

Let's say you looked at sketches of a tattoo on your neck with a picture of characters or animals. In the salon you will be asked to fill out the inscriptions.

tattoo inscriptions on the neck

Tattoo inscriptions on the neck:

  • word or phrase in a foreign language;
  • quotes and sayings of philosophers;
  • names of close people;
  • individual qualities of a person;
  • memorable dates;
  • aphorisms and just beautiful sayings of famous people.

You can think of a sketch yourself.

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