In any modern tattoo parlor there is a catalogthe most popular drawings that any client, who came to the session without his own sketch, can choose. According to the stories of the masters, people who decided to make a tattoo often bring pictures found on their own in the Internet. Of course, such sketches are often repeated even in one city. Talk about the uniqueness is not necessary, but many of these pictures are really incredibly beautiful. What are the most popular tattoos this season?

Figures that are relevant at all times

Fashionable Tattoos
If you believe the stories of tattoo artists, the first placeby popularity sketches with inscriptions take. Clients of salons perpetuate on their skin wise quotations and aphorisms, memorable dates, names of loved ones. Most often, beautiful complex fonts are selected for writing. Such fashionable tattoos are rarely made in their native language, today English, Latin and Arabic ligature are popular.

The second place in popularity is taken by imagesanimals and birds. Men often choose realistic sketches with brutal bears, tigers, poisonous snakes and soaring eagles. Girls usually ask to stuff singing birds, representatives of the cat family, exotic fish and butterflies. Sometimes representatives of both sexes choose sketches with mythical animals: dragons and unicorns. Incredibly fashionable tattoos for girls this season - all sorts of ornaments. These are Celtic patterns, Polynesian and Indian motifs. Romantic girls choose just beautiful "curls" and lacy drawings.

Fashion for male and female tattoos

Any stably working tattoo artist forthe last year he filled a whole botanical garden on the bodies of his clients. And this is not a metaphor, every third girl chooses sketches depicting flowering plants. It is difficult to name the most popular flowers. Roses, orchids, lilies, forget-me-nots and chamomiles bloom with equal regularity on the bodies of our compatriots. Many girls choose tattoos depicting angel wings, sometimes they draw angels entirely. Fashionable men's tattoos this season - traditional skulls, weapons and equipment.

Extravagant ideas for the bravest

Fashionable tattoos for girls
One of the novelties of this season is fashionable tattoos,made with white paint. Another interesting idea is fluorescent tattoos, whose owners attract everyone's attention in any disco. Increasingly, customers of tattoo parlors are asked to make them a tattoo in the language, eyeball or soles of the feet. Figures can be varied, and that is especially convenient - they do not even have to be specially hidden on selected zones. If you decide to make fashionable tattoos on the soles of the feet or the tongue, remember that the pictures will be erased very quickly, this is the feature of the skin in these places.

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