Every day is becoming more popular tattoo«Dandelions». In general, it is believed that any tattoo is not just a trace on the skin, left after its trauma by the introduction of paint, but a real symbol that can influence the fate of a person.

What does this tattoo mean?

Tattoos in the form of a dandelion are often chosen by the girls for the lightness and airiness of the flower itself. In which part of the body are these drawings filled? It looks good dandelion on the shin, shoulder blade or forearm.

Such a tattoo is filled not only by girls, but also by men. Despite the fact that the dandelion is a weed, many people love its image.

dandelion tattoos

Why choose tattoo "Dandelions"?

The main reason is that the plant is associated with ease and freedom. After all, everyone remembers how in his childhood, after blowing on a dandelion, they watched as his seeds scattered in different directions.

Also, a similar tattoo is chosen by those who are tryingto resist some difficulties. After all, as you remember, this stubborn weed is able to take root anywhere. From here you can understand the meaning of the tattoo "Dandelion" in a girl. Such a picture is perceived as a symbol of perseverance and stubbornness.

value of tattoo dandelion girl

Other values

In the Victorian era it was believed that a dandelion can fulfill wishes. Therefore, his image is stuffed by those who really want the planned to happen.

Also tattoo with dandelion means sorrow and sadness. Why is that? Because the flower, firstly, has a bitter taste. And secondly, the dandelion is considered the emblem of the Passion of Christ.

Floral seeds, flying away from the slight breathing of the wind, remind us of the transience and decay of human life.

tattoo in the form of a dandelion

Also, the tattoo "Dandelions" symbolizes romance and tenderness. Thanks to which, such a figure became popular among women. The most popular places for application were the back and shoulders.

Some people treat the meaning of a tattoo with a dandelion as a non-serious attitude towards love and a readiness to flirt.
Since the flower in its entire fleeting life is notloses beauty, a similar pattern also has a different meaning. What kind? It is believed that someone who stuffs himself a tattoo with a picture of a dandelion, does not want to grow old and lose his real beauty.

It is also believed that a dandelion is a symbol of servicemen. After all, these people, like plant seeds, wander all over the world to where they will be sent, and then again and again break away - and on the road.

which means tattoo dandelion girl

Color or black drawing? Which image to choose?

Usually people decorate themselves with a dandelion blackcolors. But you can do more vivid pictures. Colored colors will make the image more realistic, the main thing is to observe the whole gamut of shades. If there is a desire to make a bright accent on the body, you can decorate your body with a pink or purple flower.

A small conclusion

Now you know what the tattoo "Dandelions" means,where it is better to stuff it. Several interesting variants of the flower pattern are presented in our article. We hope that our recommendations and images will help you find the perfect tattoo for yourself. We wish you good luck!

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