The tattoo of an angel is currently usedpopular with both men and women. For some people, such a tattoo takes on a special meaning: they consider it to be their amulet. Some make tattoos of angels as a sign of their faith. Of course, such a picture on the body for each will have its own meaning.

Angel tattoo: what is its meaning?

As already noted above, for many tattoo artistsan angel is an expression of their faith. Such a picture becomes a defender of the person, his amulet. The Lamb is the mediator between man and God. Most likely, some believe that by making a tattoo, they will become closer to God. Such a tattoo of an angel can help the wearer, give him strength.

angel tattoo

An angel tattoo can be a sign of memory about someone, for example, about a departed native and close person. This image often helps the wearer survive the loss and cope with the pain of loss.

Often, tattoo has only decorative meaning. No doubt, the angel looks neat and beautiful: the girls like to decorate themselves with such an image.

Tattooing can often be a reflection of a person's character, his gentleness and kindness, tenderness and responsiveness.

The image of an angel is often applied as a sign of its hope for the best.

The tattoo of the messenger of God is often a sign of devotion and loyalty to someone or something.

tattoo angels

It is often possible to see the figure of a person withhorns and wings. Such a tattoo can symbolize the struggle in the person-bearer of opposite principles. He has not yet decided on whose side he is, and a similar tattoo is a symbol of his duplicity. However, such an image may have merely decorative meaning. Often it is worn because it is popular, attracts attention and looks interesting.

Angel Wings Tattoo

Often people wear tattooing their wings on their backsthe angel. A similar image can be interpreted in different ways. It can have absolutely the same values ​​as the tattoo of an angel. That is, the desire for spirituality, protection, love. However, it is often applied and in memory of the deceased close. A tattoo of wings can be a symbol of the desire for freedom and liberation from the burdens of worldly life.


The tattoo of an angel is popular and has a stronger sex, andamong women. Girls depict an angel for decorative purposes or in memory of someone, whereas in men it often has a religious significance, is a symbol of masculinity, fidelity and spiritual purity.

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