Recently, fingers are veryA popular and practical zone for drawing tattoos - various inscriptions and small drawings. Since ancient times, people have used rings and rings to decorate the phalanx of the fingers. But, as they say, a person always looks for something new and original. Indeed, the tattoos on the fingers look very original and unusual.

finger tattoo

Previously, this area for drawings and inscriptionswas popular among men, but lately it has become more and more common to find women with such jewelry. It is clear that such tattoos will be very small in size. Most often these are small icons, symbols or individual letters. One letter on each finger constitutes the whole word. You can make a tattoo on your fingers, knocking on each finger a word, making a phrase from them.

Times when men knocked on their fingers onletters own names, long gone. These tattoos are attributed to Soviet army traditions. However, modern styles of tattoos do not exclude the combination of letters on the fingers. Most often the customer prefers gothic or calligraphy.

finger tattoos

However, to date, the tattoo on the fingers -female "chip", and the perfect sex leads in this respect. A vivid example of the use of this decoration is the world-famous singer Rihanna. Indeed, many fans of her work wear tattoos of the same kind. But it's not just that girls want to imitate their idols. In fact, the tattoo on the fingers looks very feminine and attractive. In addition, the tattoo itself is not noticeable and does not look vulgar.

Small inscriptions prefer to be made on the sideside of the finger. When the palm is collected, the tattoo is not visible. But as soon as the owner of the tattoo takes her fingers off, you can read the inscription or see the symbol that is of decisive importance for the girl. Such tattoos are also popular because they are very practical. There are also such options, when the tattoo on the fingers is a continuation of the tattoo on the arm. The finger tattoo in this variation looks even more unusual and attractive.
tattoo on fingers Photo

For feminine and romantic natures, a tattoo onThe fingers can be produced with white paint. This tattoo will be almost invisible, it looks very gentle. Most often used inscriptions. Recently it has become very fashionable to use ornament. Some girls make white Mendy-style tattoos that look really feminine. Especially they go blonde and girls who prefer light colors in clothes.

Remember that tattooing on your fingers requires frequentcorrection, because the skin on the hands is updated more often than in other areas of the body, especially if the hands are often in the water. Therefore, the pleasure of wearing such a "tattoo" is not cheap. However, the style and sophistication that will give you this decoration of that, of course, are worth it. Variants of tattoo on the fingers - photos in various variations - can be found independently in printed publications or create an individual sketch with the master.

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