To date, tattoos have a largepopularity among young people. There are many styles of subcutaneous drawings, as well as a large number of symbolic images, which are endowed with a special meaning. The "barbed wire" tattoo refers to this kind of natural patterns. What does it mean and who will it suit?

Meaning of tattoo

Initially, the tattoo "barbed wire" was consideredprison. Accordingly, and most often stuffed in prisons. It is known that it is there that every in-house image carries a certain semantic load. What does "barbed wire" tattoo mean?

Depending on what symbols the picture is added, it can mean the following:

  • sacrifice;
  • love;
  • compassion;
  • innocence;
  • striving for a free life;
  • thirst for peace and justice.

The value of a barbed wire tattoo can also vary depending on what kind of the main element of the image.

tattoo barbed wire
In the form of a wire, a thornThe crown that was on the head of Jesus at the crucifixion. This image symbolizes the atonement of sins committed by man. Sometimes barbed wire is chosen by border guards, as a symbol of patriotism and protection of the borders of the Motherland. This image is supplemented with the flag of the state.

Related Images

A barbed wire tattoo can be supplemented with different symbols.

  1. A heart wrapped in wire, sometimes with drops of blood, indicates the loss of a loved one.
  2. Cross. It symbolizes an unshakable faith in God and protection from sins.
  3. Angela, combined with barbed wire, is chosen by people who repent for committed atrocities and have a great desire to atone for their sins.
  4. In combination with a rose or butterfly, barbed wire means obstacles through which one must go in order to find the long-awaited peace.

If the barbed wire is an element of an artistic tattoo, then, most likely, it does not bear a clear semantic load. In this case, a person puts his own meaning into it.

Who will do?

A barbed wire tattoo does not have a sexualaccessories - it is done by both men and women. To date, the image of steel weaving with spines is more known as a prison tattoo, so only a few decide to apply it themselves.

barbed wire tattoo value

A tattoo with this particular image will suit people who are devoid of prejudices about the meaning and origin of the drawing, those individuals who put personal meaning into the tattoo.

Stylistic direction

A barbed wire tattoo can be used as an addition to the main picture and is most often allowed in the following styles of artistic tattoos:

  1. Trash Polka. The style is characterized by the use of exclusively black and red ink. At the same time, the drawing has a dark plot, elements of skulls and other symbols of death, which are generously crossed out by sweeping lines of red ink that mimic brush strokes.
  2. Blackwark. It involves only black ink, which depicts graphic ornaments.
  3. Art brute choose creative individuals for whom tattoo is one of the ways of self-expression. Style can combine in itself incompatible at first glance images and symbols.
  4. Realism is a style that is subject only to a small number of tattoo artists. His goal is to depict the subject as realistically as possible.
    which means tattoo barbed wire
  5. Engraving involves the execution of three-dimensional drawings with the help of fine contour lines. The style is suitable for almost any subject.
  6. Oldskool combines the brightness of colors anduncomplicated subjects of images. Welcome to the sea theme, as well as any items with a simple design. The barbed wire fits into this style at the right time.
  7. Tribal. This method of drawing a picture on the body was on the wave of popularity a few years ago. It is characterized by the use of black ink and resembles an image made using a stencil. To date, only his true fans allow themselves such tattoos.

The choice of style depends on the person's personal wishes, as well as the capabilities of the selected tattoo master.


The most common is the applicationtattoo of barbed wire on the hand, specifically, on the forearm. This arrangement is suitable for both men and women. However, the image can also be applied to other parts of the body:

  • breasts, while men prefer the massiveness of the lines. Sometimes combined with the image of the cross;

tattoo barbed wire on hand

  • ankle, a qualitatively performed tattoo on this part of the body can add to the girl's personality;
  • neck, barbed wire on it is performed most often in a realistic style.

Regardless of the location of the tattoo, it should be done qualitatively, with an artistic design, otherwise it risks to have a similarity with prison tattooing.

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