In the modern world, quite significantis given to tattoos and piercings. Young guys and girls emphasize their sketches and body modifications for the purpose of self-expression and the very formation itself in society. However, before you fill your first tattoo, it is worth exploring in detail all aspects of this action and considering the future sketch. Many masters do not recommend to beat the first drawing, as more often such thoughtless actions can lead to the most diverse situations.

Which sketches are popular?

To the most popular sketches of future tattoosit is possible to carry small inscriptions and hieroglyphs, cats, geometric figures, as well as simple patterns that smoothly flow into any object. Pretty tattoos in the form of cobwebs are quite popular lately. Similar images of tattoo artists advise their clients to apply in the neck, collarbones, as well as at the elbow bend and at the ankles.

tattoo web

Tattoo "web": meaning and meaning

Many lovers of tattoos and piercings in the firstthe queue interests the meaning of the image they fill. In most cases, before the session, the client already knows approximately what he wants, and also learns in advance the meaning and meaning of the future tattoo. Some masters offer their sketches with ready-made explanations and unusual ways of drawing an image: artwork, Blackwark and so on.

The meaning of a tattoo in the form of a spider can be interpretedquite differently. The English prison tattoo, which includes this image, means that this person denies everything and everything, does not adhere to any moral principles, and is entirely subject only to himself and his convictions. Often people, stuffing on their body various images of spider webs without a spider, do not take into account neither public, nor state, nor prison laws.

In some places a person can affordto fill this tattoo, if properly performed the ritual of its receipt. In most cases, such prisoners have the right to kill or seriously injure any representative of national minorities, regardless of gender or nationality. Most often stuffed on elbows. Exactly the same value has the swastika, which the masters fill their customers directly on the knee. The tattoo "cobweb" on the elbow, the photo of which is located just below, has a strong meaning and is not suitable for every person.

tattoo spider web on elbow

Tattoos on an elbow in various subcultures

If we consider this image in differentsubcultures, you can note some differences in the meaning of tattoos. The web, in itself, stands for individuality and a striving for perfection. People who put such a sketch on their bodies do not recognize anyone except themselves, their family, and only their inner voice that dictates the rules of survival in modern society is heard. On the one hand - it is admirable, but if you look at this phenomenon completely from a different angle, there is an incomprehensible sense of duality of the meaning of this image.

In general, in any subculture and grouplike-minded people tattoo "cobweb" on the elbow - loyalty to yourself and your ideals. A complete rejection of the norms of morality proposed by the state and society, and also election to the leaders either of himself or of a person with similar thinking and actions.

Image of a web in mythology

According to a number of legends such a sketch gave its owner or possessor infinite power over his body, over his thoughts, and also the right to his own judgments.

tattoo spider web on elbow

In addition to the above values ​​of this image, the "web" tattoo is used to render completeness of any tattoo bearing a certain meaning.

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