What is a tattoo, everyone knows. Since ancient times, people have decorated their bodies with drawings that have made a definite sense. Now the application of tattoos occurs for various reasons. Some make them for the sake of beauty, others - as a protest to society. Few give them any meaning. Basically, this is a certain trend of fashion or a desire to stand out from the crowd of people around. But if you first decided to decorate the body with a tattoo, then you should know how to do the tattoo. This will allow you to re-weigh and revise your intention.

First, you always need to addressprofessional interior. This will help to avoid many problems. Such a drawing on the body is very difficult to remove, as a result, scars remain. In addition, sterility must be observed to prevent infection. Therefore, this issue should be handled by a professional. He knows how to properly tattoo.

Drawing a tattoo is a whole art. Therefore, before making a tattoo, you should determine its shape and pattern. Everything depends on the location of the future image. Here you will also need advice and advice from a specialist. You can not place any tattoo on any part of the body.

In addition, the correct place and drawingtattoo make it more attractive. With the help of the image, you can hide body defects, or even drawbacks or emphasize the merits of the figure. In any case, the advice of a master who knows how to make a tattoo, will not be superfluous.

All paints and tattooing agentsmust be certified and absolutely safe for health. Sterility is mandatory. That is why it is recommended to contact a professional salon. The tattoo artist should use disposable gloves. All tools are processed (if they are not disposable) or are changed to new ones. And the master should open the package in the presence of the client.

The process itself, as do tattoo, is very responsible. This figure will have to be worn all my life, therefore, it is necessary to take this procedure seriously.

To begin with, the sketch is selected. Remember, this pattern will decorate your body, so choose it to your taste, but consider the recommendations of the wizard.

Next, the sketch is transferred to the body, making a contour. The wizard makes a drawing, and then traces it by the contour drawing machine. At this moment, there is a sketch of fine lines and sharp corners of the tattoo.

After that, the process of applying the tattoo to the body begins. For this use a machine with paint. The selected pattern is painted over. The paint is applied to the entire picture.

Next, another machine designed to apply shadows, make shades. This gives the picture a scale and reliability.

Looking at how to make a tattoo, we can say that this is a work for a true master. Chances of mistakes and their correction are not.

The quality of the tattoo depends on the furthercare for her. This is necessary throughout the healing phase. It is not difficult. It is only necessary to apply a healing cream on the affected area during the day several times.

Before you apply a tattoo, you need to know the meaning of the selected picture. Some of them have a certain meaning.

If you do not want to decorate your body for the wholelife, but want to try this extreme way to stand out, then do a temporary tattoo. It is applied with henna. Such a picture does not have to be reduced, because in time it will disappear itself.

The advantage of the tattoo, applied by henna, is its fragility. So you can change the pictures or abandon them, if the fashion or desire to do the tattoo will pass.

Now, knowing how to make a tattoo, you can finally decide whether this is really necessary.

If you made the final decision, then only contact a professional master. And remember that removing a tattoo is very difficult and painful.

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