In the modern world, more people are doing themselvestattoos. Very often, some draw inspiration from Eastern culture. One of the most popular drawings is the dragon. Basically, it is chosen by men, because it symbolizes the power power. But some girls choose this mythological being, wishing to emphasize their strong and purposeful character. Most often do a dragon tattoo on the shoulder blade, but this is not the point. The main thing is that the master does the work qualitatively and the drawing turns out to be aesthetic.

The meaning of a dragon tattoo

This symbol came to European culture fromJapanese and Chinese culture. But the dragon acquired a completely different meaning from the Europeans. But in the world of tattoos it is customary to interpret from the point of view of Eastern philosophy. The dragon symbolizes the four elements and directions of the world.

He also represents heaven, earth and the underworld. The fire-breathing creature was a symbol of the imperial power, so its image could be seen on the garments of the emperors. Therefore, dragon tattoo on the shoulder blade is recommended to make strong and self-confident personalities.

The fire-breathing winged creation symbolizeddivine power and wisdom, disobedience. In fact, the value of the dragon tattoo on the shoulder blade can be interpreted in different ways: depending on which particular pattern was chosen by the person.

dragon tattoo on the shoulder blade

Possible Image Options

Often do a dragon tattoo on the shoulder blade, but you can andon the arm, leg - depending on the wishes of the person. This picture is usually associated with the year of birth and the eastern style. If a tattoo depicting the struggle of a dragon and a tiger is done, then this symbolizes the meaning of "Yin-Yang."

The drawing of a winged dragon erupting from itsto receive flames, acquires a mystical meaning. If the creature is portrayed in the Chinese style, then it bears a bellicose character, since in China it is considered the master of all elements. If the tattoo is done in black, then, in addition to the above values, it means respect for the parents.

The red dragon has a double meaning: on the one hand, it symbolizes aggression, on the other - love and passionate feelings. If it is portrayed in the Japanese style, it means prosperity, luck, because the distinguishing feature of such a drawing will be the pearl under the chin.

tattoo dragon tattoo for girls

The differences of "male" tattoo from "female"

The image of the fire-breathing creature is applied asyoung men, and women. But there are also small differences in the performance of the picture and its meaning. The dragon tattoo on the shoulder blade for men differs somewhat in the rigidity of the lines in the drawing. Most often the strong sex chooses a sketch, where the dragon is depicted with straightened wings, a flaring flame from the mouth and sharp teeth.

tattoo dragon on the shoulder blade for men

Dragon tattoo on the shoulder of the girls most oftenperformed in a fairytale style, use a bright combination of colors, rather than a black and white version. This creature in a girl looks usually less aggressive and militant than a man. A dragon with folded wings signifies harmony and peace of mind.

Dragon tattoo is recommended to be done on largeparts of the body, because you can create amazing stories with these creatures. And not necessarily it will be an aggressive image, you can choose a more quiet option. If the master does everything qualitatively, then the tattoo of the dragon will look spectacular and aesthetic.

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