Pictures on the bodies painted a very long time ago. In those days, such a sign could speak of belonging to some tribe or class. But today it is just an ornament of your body, giving personality. And what kind of tattoos for girls on the shoulder will look beautiful? What is their significance?

tattoos for girls on the scapula

Why it's worth tattooing on a scapula

In principle, the drawing can be applied to any part of the body. But tattoos for girls on the shoulder are popular for several reasons. We list them.

  1. This place is hidden from prying eyes. Therefore, someone who does not need to see the drawing, he will not see (this is relevant, for example, when you work in serious organizations, practicing dress code).
  2. Applying tattoos to the shoulder blades is not as painful as to other places. The skin in this zone is not so thin.
  3. Any master can make a drawing on this part of the body, because the area is quite large, and the surface is more or less even. And this will reduce the number of possible defects.
  4. Tattoos for girls on the scapula - it's just very beautiful and sexy. This pattern will help make the back more elegant and add an individuality to the image.

tattoos on the scapula for girls

Which pattern to choose?

So, it was decided to put a permanent picture on the body. But what to choose? What are the most beautiful and popular tattoos on the scapula? The value for many is very important, so this is the moment to choose when choosing. We offer you several variants of drawings and their decoding.

tattoos on the shovel value

  • Angel. Such an image on the scapula will lookvery harmonious. This picture may have a special meaning for its carrier. For example, this creature can symbolize protection from the troubles and troubles that the guardian angel provides.
  • Wings. Such tattoos on the shoulder blade for girls alsovery popular. Wings are usually applied to both scapulae. They can mean the desire for freedom, flight, travel and wanderings. But if the angel's wings are depicted, the figure will symbolize the purity of the soul, innocence, kindness and honesty.
  • Captions. This tattoo on this part of the body will belook very organic and even romantic. In addition, in the image you can put absolutely any meaning. For example, an inscription for a person can mean something important and personal, associate with some fateful event or simply be a motto in life.
  • Tattoos in the style of "Old Skull". "Old school" is characterized by bright colors,clear contours and catchy unusual drawings. Such tattoos for girls on the shoulder will emphasize individuality. A sketch can be created independently.
  • Animals, birds and insects also very popular. Such a pattern may indicate the similarity of its carrier with a certain representative of the fauna. Girls often choose butterflies, birds, cats or dolphins, because they are all noble and beautiful.

But this is not all that can be depicted in the girl on the shoulder blade. There you can see the stars, traces of animal paws, feathers and much, much more.

In conclusion, we can only add that when choosingtattoos should not be chasing fashion trends. Choosing something special, you can put a special meaning in the drawing. Then the image will be especially memorable and symbolic.

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