Today, tattoos are at the height of popularity. They are almost every second person. You also decided to decorate your body with a beautiful image? But from a large number of tattoos do not know which one to give their preference? Of course, choosing a picture for a body is a difficult task, but having studied their descriptions, characteristics and meaning, you can cope with the task. For example, the tattoo of the "mandala" occupies a leading position among both the youth and the adult generation. Let's see why it is so popular.

mandala tattoo

Meaning of tattoo

The tattoo of the "mandala" on the hand is a certaina magic circle that is inscribed in a square, and then into an oval. These geometric images symbolize the divine sphere, which, as scientists assure, protects the wearer and helps him to always be on the right track. This figure interacts with a person and promotes the disclosure of his creativity.

This tattoo, if the user wants, canbe applied to the body in the form of an image of a diamond-shaped species or any other. Having looked at her photo, which is located below, you will understand that there are quite a few varieties of this drawing.

It is important to understand that the tattoo of the "mandala" isa divine image that helps people gain self-sufficiency and reveal talents in themselves. It helps to bring to the surface of consciousness the causes of all sorts of life difficulties that will stand in the way of the owner of this drawing.

The tattoo of the mandala. Original and elegant

tatu mandala value

The tattoo of the "mandala" looks on the body simplyadorable. It can be applied as a separate exposure, and a two-dimensional image or more voluminous, in contrast to the original. If you know the true meaning of this image, the possessor can develop awareness of what is happening and increase energy vibrations.

Color mandalas are mostly popular. Masters usually for their background choose a palette of color of a sea wave or bright red. Other colors are rarely found in this figure, although they do also. Sometimes this image is supplemented with hieroglyphics, geometric interweaving, flame. At the edges of the mandala, if desired, have multi-handed deities or flowers.

For whom is the tattoo of the "mandala" intended?

mandala tattoo on hand
Tatu "mandala" decide to chop both girls andmen of different ages. Although the depth of its meaning is understood only by those who unquestioningly believe in God. If you do not belong to such, then you can regard this drawing as a symbol of continuous time. However, a good interpretation. In addition, it also has this symbol, because the tattoo of the "mandala" is important not just one, but many. Well, what about the location of the image, there are absolutely no restrictions. That's why, where to place it, it's up to you.

Where to make a tattoo?

Have you decided to make a tattoo? Then you need to find a professional master to carry out your plans. It is best to choose a specialist through the advice of friends or on reviews on the Internet. We also recommend that you listen to the following recommendations:

  1. Prepare to the fact that drawing a tattoo will bring pain. That is why prepare yourself in advance for this.
  2. Try to imagine the selected image on your body in your mind. Is it right for you?
  3. Evaluate the preferred place of the tattoo. After all, if you decide to pin too small a picture on a large open area, it will look more like a birthmark.
  4. And, finally, if before you visit the salon in your head comes the idea of ​​how to further reduce the tattoo, then better leave your idea to a more appropriate moment.
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