One of the most popular tattoo forhip - flowers. They look simultaneously feminine and bold, and in a huge number of diverse subjects it is not easy to get lost. Consider the coolest ideas, let's talk about styles, colors and features. Perhaps this will help you make your choice.

tattoos on thigh flowers


The flower tattoos on the hip may be black. But, perhaps, no other story looks so cool in color, like this one. Therefore, many girls choose colored tattoos.

flower tattoos on the thigh

Coloring of flowers can be both natural andmost incredible. Red roses are a classic that always looks good. But why should not they be purple? Such solutions also often look very advantageous.

A popular trend is white tattoos on the thigh. Flowers, made with white paint, look especially gently and subtly. They look like real laces.


Realism, old school, Chicano, Tribal - it would seem that there is no style for which the tattoo on the hip "Flowers" would not be relevant.

sketch of flower tattoos on thigh

They perform in the most incredible techniques. Today this story inspires artists of different genres.


Sometimes other unusual details fall into the company of flowers. A sketch of tattoos on the hip is often supplemented with ribbons and bows, feathers and hearts, sugar skulls and dream catchers.

flowers on the thigh tattoo photo

Very nice looking birds, little animals and butterflies, surrounded by colorful flowers. It's a great idea to give a sketch an individuality and emphasize the style - add lace, chains or beads.


Flowers on the hip - tattoos, photos of which show,that they look both cute and defiant at the same time. Some girls try to place it higher, so that you can hide under your clothes from prying eyes. And someone, on the contrary, likes large tattoos, which can be flaunted, dressed up in short shorts or a dress.

You can place such a tattoo on the side, front or back surface of the thigh.


Many plants are medicinal, sotattoos with flowers are sometimes attributed to healing properties. Widely used inflorescences and in magical rituals. Of course, this could not but affect the perception of tattoos.

Many girls who decide to do tattoos on their hips, "Flowers", devote considerable time to choosing the basic elements. Every flower means something special.

Lily - a popular story for tattoos. It was associated with the monarch's authority from time immemorial, noble origin, purity. It is not just a symbol of power, it is rather a sign of a wise and just ruler. She decorated the family arms of many august genera (for example, the coat of arms of the Tudors).

Some argue that in the Middle Ageslilies on the shoulder branded slutty girls, but, firstly, this question is controversial, and secondly, the place of application means no less than the symbol itself. No negative coloring of the lily, tattooed on the thigh, never carried.

Queen of flowers rose - no less commonplot. It is a symbol of femininity, luxury, charm and unfading beauty. Florists agree that this flower is more suitable for a mature woman than for a young girl. Choosing this motif for the image on the thigh, think carefully, will not it in time seem to you too heavy and binding?

tattoos on thigh flowers

The lotus is not just a flower, but a symbol of wisdom,piety, heavenly light. The philosophical teachings of the East extol him like no other plant. If you are passionate about oriental culture, perhaps a lotus is your option.

And what a deep symbolism filled with a flowerdandelion, which we so often see under our feet! Bright yellow little suns appear in the midst of spring, pleasing the eye and recalling the imminent arrival of summer. These flowers are often decorated with cheerful dreamers, easy to climb and ready for adventure. A lush translucent globes of dandelions, which are scattered by hundreds of fuzz-parachutes, it is only to blow on them, not without reason they are considered a symbol of distant roads and travel. Such tattoos are often chosen by those who like distant wanderings.

Chamomile - a symbol of carefree, light, gentlenatural beauty. These little suns themselves are often adorned by girls who want to emphasize youth, a positive world view, benevolence. Many people believe that tattoos with daisies and other charming flowers bring luck and well-being to the winners.

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