It is peculiar for a person to dress up, and for this purposehe uses elements of clothing, jewelry, as well as some types of body modification, such as piercings, tattoos. This is due to the desire to stand out, draw attention to one's personality or some event.

places for tattoo
In ancient times, drawings on the body and decorations weredistinctive signs, and also obligatory attributes of rituals. Many wild tribes still use these principles. In the modern world, ornaments - this is most likely a tribute to fashion, well, piercings and tattoos make to express themselves, their inner world.

Tattoos enjoy today a hugepopularity among both men and women. Modern salons offer a choice of different types and shapes of drawings. Places for tattoo connoisseurs of this art choose different.

tattoos on the thigh

On the chest make drawings with a special meaning, sincethis is the heart zone. This place is not as popular as the others. Tattooes on the wrist perfectly express the individuality of a person. Effectively look at this place inscriptions, which can be read only if you join two hands together. Ankle for drawing drawing is very often used by women to emphasize the beauty of their feet. The shoulder is the most common place for tattooing. Due to its shape, this part of the body allows you to create three-dimensional drawings. The tattoo on the thigh and side of the body looks the most sexy and attractive. This place is very successful for drawing a picture, since it has a large volume plane.

where to make a tattoo

Tattoo on the hip of women will hide shortcomingsfigures, if correctly arranged. It will look good here as a small drawing, and a large one. A solid pattern across the entire surface of the thigh with a multitude of details will produce a stunning effect. The tattoo on the thigh is easy to hide under the clothes. To create an intrigue, you can leave only a small part visible to others. The place of tattooing on the neck was traditionally considered male, but today more and more women prefer this area. Women mostly use the back of the neck, where the pattern can go down beautifully to the back. It all depends on your desire and fantasy tattoo master.

After you decide to decorate your bodyindelible pattern and chose exactly how, the question arises about where to make a tattoo. To determine the location of the application, it is necessary to understand where it should not be done. These are areas that distort the image, as well as the area of ​​the body on which the tattoo will fade due to frequent contact with clothing and water. Knee and elbow joints, hands, feet, female breast, navel and groin area are places that it is undesirable to choose for native drawings.

If, however, you decide and do ittattoo in such a place, be prepared for what a spoiled drawing with you for life. It is also important to remember that the question of where the tattoo will be: on the thigh, neck or ankle, is not as important as the safety of your health and the joy of the body that decorated the body. Therefore, entrust the decorative modification of your body to professionals.

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