Men's fashion is also quite capricious and hasset of various nuances. For example, a bow tie. How to tie this elegant accessory correctly? After all, doing this is not so easy. Many men are therefore refusing to wear a bow tie. But this particular item distinguishes its owner from other representatives of the stronger sex. Such an accessory will be appropriate for a solemn event, wedding or corporate event. The main thing is to learn how to tie it properly and how to wear it. Let's study this process in detail.

Choose a suitable bow tie

Butterfly how to tie

Remember that the length of such an accessory should becorrectly defined. Otherwise, the tie will sit unevenly and create the impression of negligence. The length of this part should coincide with the width of the neck. Pay attention to the fabric of which the part is made. It should not be too rough. Otherwise, the necktie will rub your neck. Choose monochrome models for celebrations and colorful - if you are going to a friendly party. But how to tie a butterfly? Detailed pictures do not always give an adequate answer to this question. Step by step recommendations should be followed. Only they will allow to give this accessory a correct and accurate appearance. Do not confuse the sequence of actions. After all, this detail is made a bit more complicated than the usual male accessory.

How to tie a bow tie

Let's say you still succumbed to the trend of modern fashion. So, in your arms

How to tie a bow tie
was a stylish bow tie. How to tie it right? Place the accessory around your neck. The left end of the tie should be slightly longer than the right one. They must be crossed among themselves. But do not confuse the sequence and position. The left end should lie on top. Otherwise, as a result, the node turns out to be inverted and ugly. The ends must intersect in the narrowest part. The left side gently stretch under the right. You should get the simplest node. Do not tighten it yet. Let the node be a little loose. The end that was on the left, fold in half. You've already gotten a neat tie-butterfly. How to tie it no worse than the most famous dandies? Left a little.

Keep the folded end in the left hand. Do this with two fingers: the index finger and the large one. With your right hand, take the other end and put

How to tie a butterfly detailed pictures
it is surely in the very middle of the left. Do it carefully. The right end must be passed from below around the left so that the result is a small loop. Here is such a pretty tricky accessory this bow tie. How to tie it? Read on. There are only a couple of actions left.

The right side folds neatly in half. The end from this side is drawn around the already folded left and passed through the loop formed. The right side must go far enough to occupy the desired position. Straighten the tie. To fasten the knot, gently pull the butterfly by the edges on both sides.

With what to wear such an accessory?

Of course, in most cases, ideallysuits a strict pants suit of dark tones or even a black tuxedo. But modern fashion has already begun to move away from such rules. Stock up with an original bow tie with a juicy coloring to wear over a shirt with a short sleeve. You will get the actual for today club version. Stylists also recommend adding an image with large glasses in a prominent horn frame.

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