The meaning of many words we perceive as ordinaryexplanation of the phenomena around us. Butterfly is a popular insect that occurs in many countries and religions. However, often people make tattoos depicting this colorful representative of the animal world. What is a butterfly, what it symbolizes, you need to know in order to respect this insect in the future.

Butterfly, what is

Dictionary meaning of the word "butterfly"

If we turn to the explanatory dictionary, we learn that the word "butterfly" has not one meaning. What is a concept can mean:

  1. An insect that has two pairs of wings, and they can be of different colors. Moth is another name for the animal.
  2. A tie that has the shape of a bow. By the silhouette, it resembles a known insect, which is why it was so called.
  3. Affectionate name of an elderly woman.
  4. The magazine, which was issued in the 30's.

As you can see, there are plenty of meanings for this word. But the most common of these is the name of a popular insect. If we turn to the symbolic dictionary, we learn that it is a symbol of the soul and immortality of many peoples.

What is a butterfly

The symbolic meaning of the word "butterfly". What is immortality?

Many peoples interpret the meaning of this wordin its own way. Also, people often make tattoos depicting this insect on their body. The symbol of freedom, life, immortality, sincerity is the butterfly. What is an insect means in different countries, you can learn in various encyclopedias. For example:

  • The Chinese believe that an insect is a symbol of joy and summer.
  • In Japan, a butterfly is a symbol of a happy woman who found herself in raising children, and flocks flocking around her mean a full-fledged family.
  • Mexicans identify the butterfly with the plant world. She is considered the patroness of the sun. In addition, the night butterfly symbolizes the spirit of women who died during childbirth.
  • Women of Ancient Greece often wore self-made wings, trying to look like a butterfly. The insect symbolized the freedom and spirit of immortality.
  • In German mythology butterflies meant airiness and impartiality.
  • Slavs are sure that the butterfly is the spirit of a deceased person who comes to the world of the living to see his loved ones.

These symbols are the reason that the insect is depicted in the pictures, with its image doing tattoos and admiring its beauty.

The meaning of the word "butterfly"

Butterfly in Christianity

In Christianity there is also such an image,as a butterfly. Many people know about the insect in the hand of Jesus Christ in infancy in pictures, paintings and icons, but not everyone knows that it means resurrection, life and death. The butterfly is a symbol of paradise, therefore only good and pure thoughts of believing people are associated with it.

Thus, the meanings of this word assymbolic, and sensible there are many. They need to know any educated person. The meaning of the word "butterfly" is simple only at first glance. One must be aware of religious and historical questions in order to fully understand the meaning of this concept.

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