In Russian there are manyborrowed words and expressions, which were adapted to the norms of the Russian language. What does "basta" mean? The meaning of this short word, like its etymology, is closely related. Is there a difference in values ​​when it is used in a speech foreign and Russian?


"Basta" - what does this word mean? Originally it appeared in the Russian language in the form of a noun and denoted a card game that was popular during the reign of Catherine II. In a narrower sense, "bust" is a club ace. The word was considered a tracing paper from the French word baste.

In the XIX century, it acquired a different meaning -exclamations, and literally translated as "Enough!" or "Enough!" The basto spoken exclamation was borrowed from the Italian language. The very same Italian word basta comes from bastare and means "enough", "to be sufficient".

The original source of the Italian exclamation is the Latin word basto - "endure", "tolerate", "carry". Derivatives of it are the words "strike", "strike".

what does basta mean

What does "basta" mean? According to the explanatory dictionaries, this is a colloquial word, which means "it's over", "end". According to other sources, the word is used as a signal to stop gambling, for example, in cards. In addition, it declares a categorical decision and means stopping, stopping, completing something.


What does "basta" mean, where does this word come fromRussian language? Perhaps it comes from the Italian basto (3rd person, singular, present) or from the ancient Greek verb bastare, which means "hold." The word in Russian has synonyms: "good", "enough", "pretty", "all", "coven", "end". There is an opinion that the ancestor of the word is the Greek word bast. Bast - Ancient Egyptian goddess of fun, joy, fertility. The goddess was portrayed as a woman with a cat's head. Find the etymological similarity between these two words is difficult, not counting the fact that they have the same roots. Most likely, they are not related. In any case, the word "basta" has long been fixed in colloquial speech and is used as a synonym for the word "enough".

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How to use

What does "basta" mean, and how to use this word? In Russian, when pronouncing stress should be placed on the first syllable. More often than not, "basta" can be heard in colloquial speech, for example, in a statement calling for the end of a heavy and emotional conversation, to stop clarifying the relationship: "To hell with it! Enough! Basta! Stop talking nonsense!", "I knew her temper." She could not "I can not stand it any more." Basta! "

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