The Basta Group has taken its niche on the Russianplatform. Do you know the name of her soloist? When and by whom was the collective created? If not, the necessary information can be found in the article. We wish you pleasant reading!

Bandist soloist

The soloist of the band "Basta": his biography and personal life

Vasily Vakulenko was born on April 20, 1980 in theRostov-on-Don. In what kind of family was the future rap artist brought up? His father and mother are not related to show business. They both devoted many years of military service.

Vasya grew up an active and inquisitive boy. He attended two schools - regular and musical. At the age of 15, the guy began to write rap. But he managed to achieve progress in this direction only after 2-3 years. Vakulenko entered the school at the conductor's office. However, due to poor performance, the guy was expelled.

In 1997, Washu was admitted to the Psycholirik group. Later the collective was renamed "Casta". It was during this period that our hero had a nickname - Basta Khryu. From under his pen came the track "City".

In the beginning of 2000 Vasily left the collective. For a while the guy did not go on stage at all. He cut short contacts with former colleagues in the group. But soon a talented rap singer returned with a new project called "Basta".

How is it now that Vasily's personal life develops?Vakulenko? For several years now he has been legally married to his beloved woman, Elena Pinskaya. In December 2009, the couple had a first-born daughter, Mashenka. The young father helped his wife take care of the baby. In January 2013, another replenishment took place in the Vakulenko family. The second daughter appeared in the world. The girl was called the beautiful Russian name Vasilisa.

Bast group

History of the Basta group

In 2002, his old friend came to VasyaYuri Volos. He suggested that Vakulenko equip the home studio and work on recording the tracks. Our hero agreed. Together, friends bought a computer and audio equipment. Basta managed to restore his old songs. But the material turned out to be unfit for the project.

Yuri and Vasily went to Moscow to startcollaborate with some record label. Almost everywhere, friends were denied. The only one who helped Rostov rappers was Bogdan Titomir. He studied the demodiscs provided by Basta. The material seemed interesting to him. As a result, Bogdan Titomir called Washuu and his colleagues in the creative association Gazgolder.

In 2006, the Basta group released the firstalbum. The entire circulation of records was sold out in a couple of weeks. The guys did not expect such a success. In the same year, Basta's video for the song "Autumn" was launched on the country's music TV channels. After that, the group was literally filled with proposals for cooperation. The musicians went on tour. They performed at large venues and in fashion clubs. Everywhere people met them with a bang.

In 2008, Basta's clip for the song "City of the Roads" was awarded the MTV Russia Music Awards. This award gave Vasily Vakulenko and his friends the impetus for further creative development.


Throughout its history, the group"Basta" released 9 albums, shot dozens of clips and gave hundreds of concerts throughout Russia. Vasily Vakulenko and his musicians are respected and listened to with pleasure by millions of our compatriots.

Voice band

New vertices

In 2015, our hero as aprofessional tutor took part in the show "The Voice". Basta's group showed themselves worthily during all the stages. A ward Basil Vakulenko, eastern beauty Era Kann, was among the four best performers of the project. It was a good result.


Now you know which way to famedid the group "Basta". The biography and personal life of the soloist of the collective were also considered by us. We wish these wonderful guys more hits and loyal fans!

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