Tie - fashionable and up-to-date accessories wardrobemodern man. This attribute of clothes is popular among ladies: thanks to him you can bring fresh accents to the ensemble and create original elegant sets. Fashionable neckties of the season are distinguished by new, exquisite palettes of flowers. In summer, it is worth giving preference to a light scale, in the winter - shades darker, appropriate tone of clothing. Although many designers advise to diversify boring colors with bright ties, while observing the sense of proportion, so as not to lose elegance.

fashionable neckties

The actual trend is a bow tie. A real man who wants to look elegant, is to learn how to tie a tie. A bit of practice - and success is guaranteed.

how to sew a butterfly tie

It is not necessary to purchase a tie in an expensivestore. You can try to make this accessory yourself, learning how to sew a butterfly-tie, from fashion magazines or by finding patterns describing the production process on the Internet.

For work you will need a sewing machine, a needle, a piece of cloth, a centimeter, a button, scissors, thread, fabric or a piece of rubber.

Operating procedure

The first stage is the choice of fabric. The most popular are natural and artificial silk, as well as cashmere, cotton and wool or their mixtures with silk. With the help of modern weaving techniques, unique patterns and convex patterns are created. It is possible to use the beautiful material left over from old things. The fabric should be dense enough to make the ready-made bow tie keep in shape. Preliminarily you can practice by making a trial version of ordinary cloth. This will help to better understand how to sew a bow tie.

The second stage is cutting. To sew a simple tie of a normal size, there is no need to use a special pattern. Just cut out a rectangle of 15 by 11 centimeters from the fabric, including the allowances for the seams.

butterfly tie

The third stage is formation. Fold the fabric on the short side in half with the wrong side up. Sew on three sides, leaving on the last uncoated approximately 2.5 centimeters of fabric to the edge. Through the hole you need to unscrew the necktie from the front. Carefully sew a non-stitched piece.

The fourth stage is the fixing of the form. It is important not only to know how to sew a bow tie, but also be able to give a beautiful shape to the product. To do this, find the middle of the butterfly, squeeze the top and bottom so that the result is like a bow. Firmly and firmly sew threads. Close the place of fixation with a ring of the same fabric.

The fifth stage is fixing the rubber bands. Sew an elastic band, closed in a circle, to the center of the butterfly, positioning on the wrong side. With this method of attaching the elastic band, the tie will be worn over the head. You can decorate it without sewing it in a circle, but sewing a button to one end, and on the other making a neat loop of threads. Instead of a rubber band, you can use a narrow strip of fabric used for sewing a tie.

Learning how to sew a butterfly-tie, you canto diversify your wardrobe with such accessories of many color shades and types of fabrics, selecting them for different clothes. It will become much easier to look fashionable and elegant!

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