The groom does not have such a large selection of outfits for a wedding, like a bride. An originally tied tie can be a highlight in the suit of a future husband and getter.

How to tie a tie for a groom's wedding

Tying a tie is a real art, it is recommended to master it to both gentlemen and ladies.

What are the ways to help a man not only properly tie the necessary wedding attribute, but also to pick the right tie for the wedding?

A simple node "4 in hand"

This is an asymmetric node; it has an incorrecttriangular shape, more like a cone. The wide end of the tie on the right is superimposed on the narrow, curl behind, then in front - and it remains only to pass it through the loop formed, pull the thick end down, then to the left and lift the beam over the loop.

Double knot Prince Albert

This method is relevant for simple long ties. The name was received because of double tying.

how to tie a tie for a wedding
In fact, this is the same usual way of tying "4in the hand ", only with an additional turn around the narrow part of the tie. The knot becomes more bulky, it is fitting on the high collar. If you tie a tie for a wedding this method, you can achieve a spectacular appearance. It looks very elegant.

Eastern knot

It also has the names "Red", "Small knot" orOriental. Suitable for heavy neckties. It is tied up simpler than a simple node. The narrow end of the product is placed over the wide, then wide - around the narrow and fits to the left. Through the neck loop, the wide end of the back of the node is held, then it is once again looped through from top to bottom. It seems that this method is really the easiest. However, it is unlikely that it will be possible to tie the tie off the first time. You need to train, starting with the node "4 in hand".

Windsor Knot

 tie a tie for a wedding

Such a tie for the groom is designed for shirts with a wide collar in the formal business style.

This is a three-dimensional node. You can achieve the required size by changing ties with different widths or by varying the ends of a conventional tie to the site of the knot.

Node "Half-scan"

Suitable for any silk tie orlight-weight fabric, the collar should be with widely divergent corners, possibly attached with buttons to the shirt. This is the so-called "open" collar. The principle of tying is similar to "Windsor", but the knot turns out to be less voluminous and with a dimple under it, which gives a piquancy to the whole image.

Knot Pratt or Shelby

The knot has a double name, as there are still disputes over who owns the idea of ​​its creation - either to the American Jerry Pratt or the European Don Shelby.

a tie for a wedding
The way of tying is similar to the "Windsor" and also requires space for its volume, which is achieved by the very tie with the filler.

The Hannover assembly

This is a symmetric node. In form - triangular. Ideal for the widest possible collar. In size, it is larger than the "Windsor" node. Two nuances when tying: the tie is superimposed by the seam outside, and the wide end remains longer than the narrow one. The principle of tying - in a double overlap, due to which the desired volume is achieved.

Onassis unit

tie for the groom

The starting position is a simple knot. Then you need to take the wide end of the tie to the right side and toss it across the entire assembly. You do not need to pull it. Let it hang freely.

Thus, the node itself seems to be hiding fromprying eyes. Smoretsya unusual. The method is named after Aristotle Onassis, a millionaire, owner of ships and ships, a man who possessed the style and knew how to properly wear a man's tie. At the wedding, a tie tied in this way will be an excellent addition to the general image.

Knot "New Classic"

It is also based on an easy waytying a tie. The difference is in the final touch. Before you fill the wide side of the tie in a knot, you need to wrap the edges of this side on both sides, then fill it, as in a simple knot. It turns out rather unusual. Before tie a tie for a wedding in this way, it is worth pick up a shirt of silk.

Freestyle knot

If you own a simple knot and Windsor, nothing is worth tie-in and Freestyle. The knot is very elegant, easy in technique. Perfectly looks on ties made of silk with a filler.

The "Balthus" node

This is the largest knot of all available.

man's tie for the wedding

In order to determine how to tie a tie for a wedding in this way, pay attention to the length of the product. The principle of tying is complicated, and the beginner can not cope with it.

The node "Christensen" ("Square", "Italian")

Initially, in the 19th century, the Christensen knot was designed for ties that are equally wide along the entire length. Thought its manufacturer of ties in Europe Amanda Christensen.

how to tie a tie for a wedding
Today this node is relevant for all longties. Ideally, it should be a woolen or cashmere tie on a shirt with a high collar. Knowing how the Windsor node is running, you can master this method by making two more turns in the front.

Nuances in choosing a tie for the groom

Before you tie a tie for a wedding, you need to consider all the subtleties of the costume, as well as the figures of the groom:

  1. Men of medium height and tall, ordinaryphysique, fit any tie. A tall, lean figure is a broad or large figure, a tall large man with a wide tie with a large pattern, and a short man should wear ties with a vertical strip or a small pattern in the body.
  2. The tie must match the color of the suit: monochrome ties fit for costumes with ornaments and geometry, bright and bright - to dark suits. Dark is worn only with a light shirt and contrasting with a dark suit, and if the groom's suit is traditionally light, then the tie is selected in tone. The tone should be different: either lighter or darker.
  3. The tie must match the accessories of the bride.
  4. The length of the tied tie should be either just above the strap on the trousers, or the end of the tie should half cover the buckle.
  5. The tie should look harmonious either with a handkerchief in the pocket, or with the groom's buttonhole.
  6. Material for a wedding tie can be different, the main principle - nobility. It is better to choose silk or jacquard.
    tie a tie for a wedding

Whichever tie the bride chooses, no matter how he is tied with it, it is important that the whole suit looks harmonious.


Before you tie a tie for a wedding, it's worthdetermine the general style and manner. In turn, an important role played by the shirt, as if it is thin and airy with a short collar, then heavy ties do not exactly fit. And, of course, it's important to remember the style of the bride's dress.

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